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Crocodile farmer mauled to death by 40 crocodiles after falling into enclosure

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published May 30, 2023 2:49 pm

A crocodile farmer in northern Cambodia suffered a grisly fate at the jaws of about 40 crocodiles when he fell into their enclosure and was subsequently torn to pieces.

In a report by AFP carried by BBC and Insider, the gruesome attack came after 72-year-old Luan Nam had been trying to move one of his crocodiles that had just laid eggs out of its cage. However, in a swift and unexpected move, the reptile grabbed his stick in its mouth and pulled him in.

"While he was chasing a crocodile out of an egg-laying cage, the crocodile attacked the stick, causing him to fall into the enclosure," Mey Savry, police chief of Siem Reap commune, told AFP.

"Then other crocodiles pounced, attacking him until he was dead," he added.

When his body was found, it was covered by multiple bite marks. One of his arms was also missing, having been bitten off and swallowed by one of the aquatic predators.

Commune chief May Sameth shared that Nam, who was the president of the local crocodile farmers' association, had long been told by his family to stop raising the aggressive animals.

Crocodile farms in Cambodia typically breed and sell the live reptiles to other neighboring countries, where they are harvested to make crocodile leather and other products.