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Putting People First

Published Sep 28, 2023 3:00 pm

In the past three years, we witnessed a significant shift in the workplace, accompanied by changing employee expectations when seeking employment.

In a study conducted by SEEK entitled “What Job Seekers Wish Employees Knew: Unlocking the Future of Recruitment”, it was revealed that Filipino job seekers have a strong preference for a hybrid work setup, with work-life balance being a crucial factor when considering a new role.

Even before the advent of the hybrid work model, Pru Life UK has consistently shown PRU Love by prioritizing its employees’ wellness. As hybrid setup becomes the norm, the company expands its employee programs to keep up with the changing needs of its workforce.

Encouraging employees to adapt a healthy work-life

Pru Life UK continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering a healthy work-life blend for its employees through a hybrid work playbook with guidelines to help them find a work arrangement that aligns with their unique circumstances. The hybrid work principles of encouraging a healthy balance of face-to-face collaboration, virtual working, personal focus time, and setting boundaries for work and personal life for wellbeing.

With Focus Wednesdays, meetings are discouraged to allow employees to concentrate on their deliverables, be it addressing emails, learning, participating in online or face-to-face training, or completing other individual work-related tasks. Meanwhile, one Friday every month and a day before non-working holidays, the company holds Early Finish Days which shortens work schedules by two hours.

For new hires, the hybrid setup is shared through online or remote onboarding and orientation. Welcoming new hires is a collaboration of various teams, from assignment of an online buddy to regular check-ins provided to ensure new employees are acclimatized to the culture and new ways of working of the organization.

Pru Life UK also has a mix of onsite and virtual employee programs and activities to provide opportunities for employees to connect for business, engagement, and social events.

Since 2003, the PRU+You Flexiben program has enabled employees to customize their benefits to address their diverse and changing needs. Its primary components include health insurance coverage, group life insurance, broad range of optional benefits, and a flexible spending account which can be used to pay for general utilities, education, travel & holidays, wellness & welfare, and additional insurance coverage, among others. Employees are empowered to choose benefits that matter most to them and their loved ones.

These employee initiatives have been recognized by the Employer Branding Institute as Pru Life UK was conferred the Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2023. This is given to top organizations in Asia who are exemplary in the industry and used marketing communications effectively for Human Resources Development.

“Our goal at Pru Life UK is to help people, including our employees prioritize their overall health while maintaining sustainable and high-quality performance. We are grateful to the Employer Branding Institute for recognizing our efforts in taking care of our employees,’’ says Pru Life UK Chief Human Resources Officer Rey Revoltar.

Prudential plc, Pru Life UK’s parent company, also observes Prudential Recharge Day, allowing employees to take additional time off and prioritize their wellbeing.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by Pru Life UK.