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Let's Volt In!

'Voltes V: Legacy' trailer is Ultra Electromagnetic awesome

By Dandi Galvez Published Jan 14, 2021 7:43 am Updated Jan 14, 2021 8:07 am

Get ready to Volt In!

Last year, GMA released a one-minute trailer for the reboot of Voltes V, which featured all-new CGI animation. Other information such as release date, cast, and other production elements were vague but in the year since, new details have emerged as well as a brand new teaser trailer which has energized the Filipino fanbase of the iconic robot anime series.

On Jan. 14, GMA Network posted on their YouTube channel the latest trailer for Voltes V: Legacy with the caption "Let’s volt in! ‘Voltes V: Legacy,’ coming soon on GMA-7!"

The new trailer featured some older footage from the first one released in early January 2020. This time around, the CGI contained noticeably updated (and better detailed) graphics compared to what was previously shown.

Within the first 10 seconds we see a scene set in outer space near planet Earth, as a large ship—presumably of the Boazanian Empire—hurtles towards it. The scene looks similar to the opening of any of the Star Wars movies which featured huge ships signalling impending doom upon whoever comes across them.

It then shifts to the unmistakable Skullship that screams,"Yes!" we are definitely entering Voltes V territory. The next quick edits show even more, from fighter saucers exiting the Empire mothership, to the unmistakable facade of Camp Big Falcon.

It gets better. As if that weren't enough, we see the red ship, flown by Steve Armstrong getting ready for launch. Not only that, the remaining four Volt ships follow suit and enter into battle! The orchestral rendition of the old Voltes V  theme will send shivers down your spine.

Here's the full one-minute trailer in all its glory:

As enjoyable as this latest trailer is, not much is still known about the actual production. Will it be live-action mixed with CGI? Or will it be full CGI with local voice actors? One thing is certain, the series will be in Tagalog as evidenced by the first trailer from last year.

We also know that it will be directed by Mark Reyes (Mulawin: The Movie, Resiklo), and GMA has partnered with post-production and visual effects firm, Riot Inc. Post Production, for all the CGI work in the series. All of the work is supervised and approved by original Voltes V producers TOEI Animation in Japan.

There is no announced release date yet, other than "soon," and we can only hope that means any time within 2021.

With truly astounding computer-generated visuals on the teaser trailer alone, coupled with TOEI's blessing, Voltes V: Legacy is shaping up to set the bar for future Filipino-made sci-fi and fantasy productions.

(Images from GMA)