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BTS members pen touching letters for their fans in celebration of their 10th anniversary

By Melanie Uson Published Jun 13, 2023 12:25 pm

Members of iconic K-pop group BTS penned touching letters for their fans in celebration of their 10th debut anniversary.

June 13 marks the group's 10th year in the K-pop scene. Aside from tributes in different parts of Korea for the week-long celebration, BTS leader and main rapper Kim Nam-Joon, who goes by the name RM, gave a touching message for the ARMY.

RM reflected on his journey as an individual artist and member of the group for a decade in an Instagram post, sharing his handwritten letter as well as photos of BTS, fan meetings, and selfies.

“They say rivers and mountains change in ten years... and it’s true. There have been endless new waves reaching new heights. There are so many late nights that I do not remember. Myself at 20 and 30 feel like completely different people. Now, my past self feels more unfamiliar,” RM wrote, as translated by K-entertainment site Soompi. 

He then looked back on the journey of BTS from being a rookie to becoming one of the biggest names in the industry. “It is quite special to feel enchanted by certain words. For a noun to become a pronoun. For bulletproof to become BTS, for army to become [BTS’s fan club] ARMY. There was a lot of rain, wind, and love. We’ve built our own world that we may not make anyone else understand.”

“Thanks to ARMY and the many people who helped us. We’ve had very special experiences that we can never experience again. Looking back, even if I was momentarily soaked in reminiscence, I was used to kicking down doors and stepping out without rest. Even now, I am still taking a guess at our second chapter. I feel like we can become anything,” he continued. 

The Still Life singer went on to reflect on his journey as a solo musician. “The worries and ambivalence I had at 17 and 20 years old are still valid now. As I gradually become an adult I learned that in the world, there are many things that cannot be explained through words and writing, and that things you thought would never change, change someday too.”

“I am still incredibly immature. In the future too, I will likely continue to be unfamiliar, nervous, and in distress. But I will still move forward. Apart and together, far but close, I have you all, and I hope you all have me.”

“My members, staff, family, and friends! And ARMY! You’ve worked so hard. Let’s live together well for the next 10 years too. In this bad world! I love you,” he concluded.  

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Other BTS members also shared a heartfelt message for their supporters via WeVerse. 

J-Hope, who is currently fulfilling his military duties, wrote: “About now, I’m probably in an extremely nervous state with my military discipline!! In a sort of ‘scheduled text message’ vibe. To comfort all of you going through this Hobi-less time, I will send my greetings through letters on special days like this, even though it’s short!!”

“2023, June 13! I wonder how all of you are feeling right now, I always spent this day with you, but now having to spend 613 without a couple of people, I feel a little bit worried and lonely deep down,” the On the Street singer said. “Like we always did, let’s remember this moment today and remind ourselves of the memories we’ve had all this time and spend it happily~ I feel like that’s how we can spend our 613 fully like ourselves!”

“I feel like there will be members in full swing with their solo activities, so I ask you to give them big cheers and love!!! Whatever day it is, without fail, I sincerely thank you and love you!” he added, as translated by local media outlet Koreaboo. 

"I’ve told you ARMYs a few times already, it’s not easy to support and love someone and give them strength for no particular reason,” wrote Jimin.

“That is why I am able to understand how happy we are. You, who made us feel this way, should feel overflowing happiness and receive love. You must. Understand? ARMY, whom I am always thankful to and love, Let’s be happy for a long long time."

Celebrating the 10th year of BTS as a group, BTS Festa will run until June 25, with lots of festivities happening around the globe.

BTS is a seven-member group consisting of members RM, Jungkook, V, Suga, Jin, Jimin, and J-Hope. Their hit songs include Dynamite, Bulletproof, Butter, and Run, among others.