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Mom of Jeffrey Dahmer's victim enraged over Evan Peters' Golden Globes win

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jan 13, 2023 10:39 am

Evan Peters, the lead star of the controversial true crime series about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, was recently recognized for his acting when he won at the Golden Globe Awards 2023. However, the mother of one of Dahmer's many victims was outraged by this win.

During his speech after he won best actor in a limited series, Peters took the time to express his gratitude to the show's creator Ryan Murphy and the rest of the production team for all of their hard work.

"I wanna thank this incredible cast and crew and directors. It was a colossal team effort. Everyone gave it their all, and I would not be up here without them," Peters said.

While he thanked everyone who got immersed in the show despite it being a "difficult one to watch," Peters made no mention of nor paid tribute to the real-life victims of one of the most disturbing killers in America, which infuriated Shirley, who is the mother of Dahmer's victim Tony Hughes.

Speaking to TMZ, Shirley stressed that Evan "should have used his acceptance speech to mention the families who are still suffering from Dahmer's crimes, or to say Hollywood should put an end to telling stories about killers and glorifying them."

According to her, Peters winning an award for the Netflix series would only do more harm than good, saying it only "adds to the grief for the families of the people Dahmer killed, replaying the tragedy over and over."

"There's a lot of sick people around the world, and people winning acting roles from playing killers keeps the obsession going and this makes sick people thrive on the fame," Shirley said.

She added, "It's a shame that people can take our tragedy and make money. The victims never saw a cent. We go through these emotions every day."

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was first released in the streaming site in late September last year, witn its story centering on Dahmer, a serial killer who confessed to having raped and murdered seventeen men between 1978 and 1991, some of them he ate.

Throughout its run, the show has been mired with several controversies, with some of the real-life victims speaking out on social media about how the show has made their traumas resurface. The issues worsened when Halloween came and many people wanted to take advantage of the show's popularity by dressing up as the serial killer and even making special Dahmer-inspired pies.