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12-year-old Kendra Kramer gives everyone a look at her favorite luxury bags

By Brooke Villanueva Published Mar 06, 2022 4:34 pm

We’ve got a fashionista in the making! 

Kendra Kramer, 12, briefly talked about her favorite luxury bags as she gave people a look at her revamped room, which includes a walk-in closet. The designer pieces were mostly given to her by her mom—actress Chesca Garcia—who started working at a young age. “I started working early so I was able to buy some bags when I was younger. These bags, I was able to keep and pass on to my daughters,” Chesca explained in a YouTube video. 

For the almost-teenager, her top favorite is her vintage Gucci bag, which “can go with almost any outfit.” It was handed down by her mom, who bought it when she was only 17 years old. “That bag is very special for me because I bought that bag when I went to Thailand for work, and it is one of my first branded bags,” said Chesca. 

Kendra’s second favorite is another pre-loved bag from her mother for its simplicity, but her luxury pieces aren’t all hand-me-downs. For Christmas, she received a Givenchy bag in pink from her dad, former basketball player Doug Kramer. “I really like this bag and I find it so cute, and the color is so nice,” explained Kendra. 

Take a look at her favorite designer pieces in Team Kramer’s vlog: 

Kendra has always been into style and fashion. In an Instagram post, she declared her love for it as she shared a photo of herself in a Kenzo multicolored sweater. “You all know I love fashion. That is why I am hoping someday I can work in the industry I am most fascinated about,” she wrote in the caption.