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This Gucci x adidas umbrella is worth $1,290—but you can't use it under the rain

By Jemima Cruz Published May 20, 2022 9:00 pm

The Gucci x Adidas collection is all-over the headlines in China because of one controversial item in the lineup: the $1,290 (P67,361.22) sun umbrella.

The Italian fashion label kicked up controversy when it previewed the new luxury umbrella in collaboration with adidas due to not having one of its major functions: to protect the owner from getting wet under the rain.

Meanwhile, on its website, Gucci included a disclaimer on the item’s description, writing: “Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use”.

Indicated as a ‘sun umbrella’ on Gucci’s website, the item is designed with a print of red and green interlocking Gs and a G-shaped handle. The material used for the shade is made out of linen cotton blend and has a 5 to 6-inch diameter. 

While luxury collectors and fans of the brand cannot wait to get their hands on the items in Gucci x Adidas collaboration, some netizens got off on China’s social media app, Weibo, to express their dismay over the 11,000 Yuan umbrella.

“My first car wasn’t even $1600 also stopped me from getting wet,” a Twitter netizen wrote with a laughing emoji. 

“Lol next up are glasses that you can’t see through,” said one sarcastic reply. 

“Of course the rich doesn’t step out of the house when it rains! It’ll dirty their shoes, bags, caps, etc. Gucci knows the market segment too well! Paupers won’t understand,” another tweet said. 

Another one said, “Adidas & Gucci’s Umbrella Collaboration Gone Wrong.”

For one netizen, the Italian fashion brand has transformed a product of necessity into a product of social statement, saying that this problem is only appropriate for ‘rich’ people. 

“Imagine buying a $1600 umbrella as a status symbol, discovering it doesn’t stop rain, then finding out it was never intended to work in the first place. I’d rather get publicly swindled out of $1600 in a low level ponzi scheme than be seen holding a gucci umbrella,” tweeted one user. 

The Adidas x Gucci collection is expected to be released on June 7.