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Woman mistook nail glue for eye drops accidentally glued her eye shut

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published Apr 22, 2021 3:51 pm

It was a mistake that nearly cost a woman her vision.

Yacedra Williams from Michigan had been fast asleep when she woke up in the middle of the night to take off her contact lenses, which she felt have already dried out.

Still dazed, Williams grabbed her purse to take the small green bottle of her eye drops. However, also in the purse is a white bottle of nail glue, the same size of her eye drops, which she said she kept in case she ever broke a fingernail.

She grabbed the bottle of what she thought was her eye drops but by the time she realized she got the wrong bottle, it was too late.

In an interview with ABC7, Williams said when the glue dropped in her eye, she tried to wipe it away but it sealed her eye shut.

Yacedra Williams accidentally grabbed the nail glue (right) instead of her eye drops that glued her eye shut.

“I just started throwing cold water and I was trying to pull my eyes apart but I couldn’t,” said Williams, who at the time was already distressed and was screaming for her husband, Derrick, to call 911.

Williams told Fox 29 in a separate interview that the EMS rushed her to the hospital where the doctors were able to open her eye and remove her contact lens.

Dried out glue landed on Williams' contact lens instead of directly in her eye, which saved her vision. Screenshot from FOX29

The doctors told Williams that the contact lens saved her vision, as it caught the glue that could have gone directly in her eye. She lost her lashes, though, because the doctors had to pull them as doctors flipped the top of her eyelid.

“If you ever get anything in your eye, the immediate thing to do is to try to flush your eye out. Just either hold your head under a faucet, get a bottle of water, hold your eye open and just flood your eye. You’ll make a mess but you may save your vision,” Beaumont Health’s Dr. George Williams explained.

Doctors had to pull her eyelashes and flip the top of her eyelid to open her eye. She lost her lashes but retained her vision. Screenshot from FOX29

Yacedra Williams was not the only one who made such a mistake. Aside from children shutting their eyes closed with glue, adults have also reportedly fallen into this confusion between eye drops bottle and glue, especially if they are in the same compartment or bag, and accidentally glued their eyes shut.

Will Williams have both her eye drops and nail glue in the same purse again? She said, “Never. Never. I don’t even think I’ll have nail glue anymore.”