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10 free online workouts for every need

By Camille Santiago Published Jan 05, 2021 9:37 am

Everyone works out for different reasons arising from different goals and circumstances.

Some want a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) session before diving into work, some may opt for a hour-long full body workout, and some want help with a more holistic approach to workout and wellness.

If you're looking for free online workouts to do at home, we've listed down some that we found online based on your needs. Check them out below.

1. Tone muscles

Holly Doke's Full Body Toning Workout will help sculpt your entire body using just your bodyweight. No fancy moves here, just the simple ones like push-up planks, tricep dips, arm circles, crunches, and so on. Get ready to burn though because one user said his muscles got a bit sore the next day. "I’ve been doing this for 3 days and it’s working really well, i like how it feels like it’s working the next day because all my muscles are a bit sore," he wrote.

2. Improve flexibility

A very important, albeit overlooked, form of exercise is stretching. Stretching is essential in making workouts more efficient, and by adding it into your workout routine, your flexibility will improve and tightness on your body will be reduced, too.

If you're looking for an exercise, Mady Morrison's 15-minute Full Body Stretch video will help you with that. She uses simple stretching moves—mostly done in yoga—that are very easy to follow.

3. Enhance cardiovascular endurance

If you like making TikTok videos, might as well make a workout out of it! Maddie Lymburner of MadFit made a 15-minute TikTok Dance Workout video that will get your blood pumping and body sweating. It's a super easy routine that even beginners can do. The video features eight popular songs used in TikTok like Savage, Say So, and Roxanne.

4. Burn fat

Cardio is great for burning calories, which is also the best way if you want to shed some weight. Try this fat burning HIIT workout by Emi Wong that covers 30 exercises for your abs, arms, back, legs, core and obliques, and thighs.

5. Gain muscles

If gaining or strengthening muscles is one of your main exercise goals, then you should try this workout routine by Myprotein's Workout From Home series. It's a full body workout that contains a series of exercises, which you will do for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest. It's great if you have a workout buddy with you, too!

6. Yoga

Yoga further grew in popularity recently as a low-impact yet highly challenging discipline that also teaches a measure of mindfulness.

PsycheTruth offers various yoga workouts that are beginner-friendly as well as nutrition and psychology videos.


High intensity interval training is great as a time-efficient way to burn fat and build muscles, with its proponents saying that short bursts of high intensity exercises could even be better than longer workouts of lesser difficulty.

HIIT workouts could usually top out at 30, with some going for half at 15 minutes, making it ideal to squeeze into a busy day. Pamela Reif has built a considerable library of various HIIT workouts targeting different parts of the body, that you could vary day by day.

8. Jump rope

Who knew that the humble jump rope could be sexy again? That is exactly what happened during the pandemic as creative fitness enthusiasts transformed the mundane equipment into a fun fitness tool through various routines, both complex and challenging.

The Jump Rope Dudes is a channel particularly catering to exactly what their names says — jump ropes.

9. Boxing

Boxing has been a well-established workout to burn fat, improve cardio capacity, and tone up your muscles. Even without a sparring partner, a few shadowboxing drills every so often will sure help in one’s weight loss journey.

Precision Striking's library of workouts could help you ease into a manageable boxing routine.

10. A little bit of everything

If you want to have a holistic approach to wellness that could help you with workouts as well as with tips on healthy eating, nutritious recipes, fitness advice, and even beauty how-tos, you could try out the Self channel.

Their library has the usual workouts you could follow as well as expert talking heads discussing health questions and trends such as, “should I drink a gallon of water a day?”