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Miss Philippines Earth 2020 Roxie Baeyens on fitness, health and urban gardening

By MYLENE MENDOZA-DAYRIT, The Philippine STAR Published Sep 24, 2020 8:28 am

Roxie Baeyens is virtually crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2020. Photo from Carousel Productions/Miss Philippines Earth

Roxie Baeyens made history as she was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2020 in the first digital beauty pageant in the world.

Baeyens bested 33 other candidates in a series of digital activities to win the crown. Hailing from Baguio City, Roxie has always loved nature. Her advocacy of urban gardening played a big role in bagging the title of Miss Philippines Earth.

We caught up with Roxie to talk about fitness, health, the environment and her plans for the upcoming digital edition of Miss Earth 2020.

The Philippine STAR: What made you join the competition?

Roxie Baeyens: After having competed in a few pageants in the past, I felt like I was ready to take the next step — join a major national pageant. Being a daughter of an environmentalist, Miss Philippines Earth is what came to my mind right away. I have always admired its cause: an advocacy driven pageant for the environment.

How did you achieve your pageant-ready body? What’s your diet like back then?

I naturally have a fast metabolism. People are usually surprised that I eat anything I want without gaining a few pounds. Although I do keep my body toned by exercising two to three times a week and eating the right food regularly.

What’s your fitness and nutrition regimen during pageant prep?

Growing up in Baguio, I have always been very fond of organic fruits and vegetables, and not a day goes by without having them in my meals. I keep my body fit by simply eating healthy and working out from time to time.

Urban gardening can motivate you to eat healthier as you grow your own food. Amid the pandemic, we really need to choose the right meals to combat the virus.

What is the hardest part about preparing for a beauty pageant?

The hardest part for me is gaining confidence. I have this ideology that a woman can be naturally beautiful and fit, but without confidence she won’t shine much as a beauty queen. Based on my experience, having the confidence to speak and believe you are beautiful enough is what I think will carry you through the very end of the competition. That was a process I worked so hard to achieve.

How different was it to participate in a virtual pageant?

For me, it was much more challenging knowing we would be graded by the judges virtually. As a candidate I really had to think of strategies to shine more on camera and find the right angles. Having good resources is an advantage. I did not have much at that time considering the crisis we are in, but it pushed me to be creative and make the most out of what’s available.

What are some health benefits of urban gardening?

Urban gardening can motivate you to eat healthier as you grow your own food. Amidst a pandemic we really need to choose the right meals to combat the virus. Other than having the nutrients needed for our bodies, this could also strengthen our mental stability. Having to take care of plants makes your day light up and generally optimistic as a person. Lastly, it will give you better air quality and a cleaner environment.

How will you prepare for the Miss Earth 2020 Virtual Pageant?

Miss Earth has always wanted someone with a holistic package. I would prepare on every aspect from beauty to pasarela, but most especially on environmental knowledge. The next few months, I will strive — as an advocate — to expand my understanding on nature responsibility. To go beyond my advocacy and address other environmental imbalances and problems. Also, I will continue to push through with my initiatives/fund raisings to motivate me to work even harder.

How did competing in pageants change your perception of fitness?

I started to look at fitness as one thing people should prioritize more. During my student days I never imagined myself going to the gym, but entering pageantry really pushed me and opened my eyes to all the great benefits of staying fit.

What advice would you give to aspiring beauty queens?

The ride won’t be easy as a beauty queen, but having a strong core and purpose will remind you why you do what you do. Believe in yourself!

If you don’t succeed on the first try, use it as a motivation to improve and grow more as an amazing woman. Uplift causes and continue the legacy to be the change people need to see. Lastly, enjoy! You’ll always gain something if you value other aspects more than the crown.

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