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Don't be afraid of cancer

By BARBARA GONZALEZ- VENTURA, The Philippine STAR Published Jul 02, 2023 5:00 am

My very first doctor was Dr. Talag, a tall old man with a scary face but he was always gentle with me, a little girl of three. He saw me through hundreds of tonsil episodes but today, at almost 79, I still have my tonsils.

Then I had a series of medical doctors for childbirth, surgeries, for Level 2 cancer of the uterus when I was around 38, but the doctor never told me it was cancer until much later. I didn’t know, so I lived. Now, 41 years later, I have Level 2 breast cancer, according to a blood test I ordered because friends told me to. I have decided not to go to any traditional doctors because I don’t want chemotherapy, radiation, or a mastectomy. Instead I go to Eli Abela, who was recommended to me by my daughters. She treats me with the German New Medicine, discovered and put together by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor who was never listened to before. But not so today.

My daughter sent me a computer copy of a book by Danny Carroll, titled Terminal Cancer is a Misdiagnosis. When people ask him how many people he has healed from cancer, his answer is always, “One person: myself.” Healing others is impossible. It is only possible to heal yourself.

Among the topics covered in this ebook: “My Journey of Discovery”; “Dr. Hamer’s Journey of Discovery”; “What is Cancer?”; “Why a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis is Incorrect”; “Switch Off Terminal Cancer Pain”; “Healing With Music Therapy”; “Learn GHk /GNM to Help Yourself and Others.”

Danny Carroll doesn’t write to support himself. Once diagnosed with cancer, he discovered Dr. Hamer, and healed himself. He knows that traditional medicine will hate him, especially the pharmaceuticals that manufacture the drugs used for chemotherapy, etc. But he writes anyway. He has helped many people. If you want whatever I have—a copy of the book and copies of his Healing Tribune—send your email to my cellphone number below. I will send you copies for free. 

If you don’t believe that the New German Medicine works, here’s my experience.

Months ago my left breast suddenly got swollen, had lumps or what I call grapes. Also a keloid scar grew under my right breast. I was in shock. I thought: Cancer. What will I do? Very clearly: No chemotherapy or radiation. Possibly mastectomy. I also did not want to see a cancer doctor.

Breast cancer

Soon a few of the grapes burst. There was an odor and occasional shooting pains. The breast was swollen. I tried Chinese medicine and charcoal; neither worked. Close to panic, I told my children and was directed to Eli Abela, who is not a doctor, but she has studied a lot of holistic methods like New German Medicine, Biohacking, and the Anat Baniel Method that understand that movement is the language of the brain. 

She said I must not be afraid of cancer. If you fear cancer you will cause your death. She explained that cancer is caused by issues that we haven’t resolved. If your cancer is in your left breast, it means issues with children or your mother. On the right breast, it’s with your mate, a best friend. “Think about that,” she advised.

I couldn’t come up with issues with my mother or children that had not been resolved. One day Eli said, “It occurred to me that your left breast issues may be about your husband’s stroke that has made you take care of him as a child.” That rang my bells! That’s why my left breast is overactive, while my right, supposed to be my adult mate, is not growing. That made so much sense to me.

Since then, I don’t put medicine anymore. I put a gauze bandage to catch the blood and pus. I change the bandage twice a day—once at waking, next before sleeping. There is still an odor and shooting pain, but less. I spray myself with cologne to mask the smell. I live normally, go out on weekends when I have a driver, go to bed at around 7:30, asleep by 9 p.m., awake at 5 a.m. to make rosaries while my husband/my baby sleeps. That’s life now. It feels great.

If you are an athlete who wants to live longer, get better with age, get stronger than stress, call Eli Abela at 0908-8914567 to make an appointment. If you want to train your brain, live with less pain, find more ease, call her, too. If you have a child who has problems with the brain, call her. She is outstanding in her work with children. If you don’t always believe in your doctor, call her. She will help you feel good about yourself. Look! I don’t care about my cancer at all. I just wish it would stop so I won’t need the paraphernalia anymore.