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[OPINION] To what extent will we shoot the mistress and not the cheater?

By Marielle Filoteo Published Oct 20, 2023 7:39 pm

You might be thinking, “Really? Another cheater revelation in the year 2023?” I’m pretty much tired of hearing it, consuming it, and spitting out all the expletives there are about the cheaters of the world. 

While we’ve heard this shtick time and time again, we don’t ever seem to learn from the experience. 

The internet has been buzzing surrounding the relationship between Francis Magalona, known as the “Master Rapper” and a prominent figure of OPM (Original Pilipino Music), and Abegail Rait, a former flight attendant and his alleged former secret lover.

In the October 17 episode of the YouTube series “Pinoy Pawnstars,” Abegail went public to reveal the alleged secret relationship she had with the King of Rap, which resulted in the birth of their daughter. 

And the result of this revelation? Heavy backlash on Abegail.

Normally, I’m easy to put the middle finger up and go all, “It’s all the cheater’s fault!” And, to put it out of the way, it is. A cheater is a cheater—icon status or not—and there’s no going around that.

In 2023, I think we’ve learned enough not to put any celebrity up on a pedestal because it’s bound to lead to a heavy dose of reality. 

After all, to what extent will we keep justifying the actions of those we idolize? To what extent do you keep the bad stuff away to honor the dead? To what extent do we keep up honor for honor’s sake when it still affects those still living?

But, this isn’t what I’m focusing on and what most of the internet has been talking about. The question begs: Should Abegail have still disclosed their affair at this point in time? And, why now?

Some say it’s a claim for fame as their daughter has plans to get into showbiz. Others are heavy to diss Abegail for being proud to be a mistress. 

My thoughts, other than all the bad ones for the cheater: My heart goes out to all those affected. 

To be frank, the situation is a mess.

While opening old wounds isn’t something anyone needs, I can’t help but think that Abegail does have a right to disclose her relationship. Does it make it okay? Not exactly. Setting the stage for this affair in such a public setting invites public opinion left and right. But, it also means disclosing her truth, something we can never fully take away or disagree with.

But, by doing such, it invites the Magalona family into the issue as Francis Magalona’s legal family. While we don’t know if they knew about this affair prior or what their thoughts are on the matter, we do know this: They wish to keep it private, which they have just as much of a right to.

In matters of relationships—cheating, other families, and legal claims—it’s a tricky one because, somehow, one cheater’s actions affect everyone else, leading to a plethora of issues. And, most especially, when it’s the lives of public figures who everyone feels entitled to pick apart and examine like two-dimensional characters in a video game.

It’s complicated, to say the least, and there may be no one answer on how to carefully wrap this situation in a bow. But, I do want to end this piece with a recocking. Before we think about witch-hunting Abegail's family and hounding down the Magalona family for any sort of an opinion, let’s ask ourselves: “If I was in this messy situation, would I want to be picked apart by the masses?"

Some old wounds may never truly settle but new cuts don’t have to find their way into the mix. In times like this, let the people in the situation find their way to heal.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of PhilSTAR L!fe, its parent company and affiliates, or its staff.