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What the Year of the Tiger holds for Ping, Bongbong, Isko, Pacquiao, Leni and Duterte

By WILSON LEE FLORES, The Philippine Star Published Feb 01, 2022 5:39 pm

What is our future in the Year of the Tiger? Specifically, it’s the Year of the Water Tiger and 2022 is the 4,719th Chinese Year.

Known also as Lunar New Year and Spring Festival all over Asia, this festival is determined by the phases of the moon; that’s why its date changes every year in the Gregorian calendar of the West. Other holidays that also change dates and which are similarly guided by the lunar or moon cycle include Easter Sunday, Jewish New Year and the Islamic New Year.

A part of the Chinese New Year tradition is the ancient Chinese zodiac, which assigns an animal to every year and its reputed characteristics to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle, since there are 12 animal signs. For a Christian like me, I view it as fascinating, intriguing entertainment.

What about our presidentiables in the May election? What are their possible fates in this Year of the Tiger and how can they strategize accordingly to enhance their luck?

We searched for two feng shui experts. Jean Yu Chua was referred by executives of ResortsWorld Manila and she has been analyzing feng shui since 2007, while Johnson Chua was referred by Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry Inc. (FFCCCII) board director Reynold Siy and has been analyzing feng shui since 2003. Both are based in the historic Binondo district of Manila.

Here are excerpts from our separate interviews.

PHILIPPINE STAR: What are your prognostications about this Year of the Tiger starting Feb. 1? The Philippine declaration of independence was signed on June 12, 1898, so that makes us a Dog Year country, yes?

JEAN YU CHUA: June 12, 1898 marks Earth Dog year. There are five elements of the Chinese zodiac: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. This could be a better year for us in the Philippines, a time for new strategies and new planning. This is a good time for new ideas. Despite the lingering global pandemic, we can maximize good potentials and find good solutions. This is a year for good wealth generation, better careers, good courage, for learning new skills. Weaknesses: Don’t be easily distracted by external forces. Be firm in finances to avoid losing money, avoid too much high spending and avoid emotional problems.

Feng shui consultant Jean Yu Chua: This is a year for good wealth generation, better careers, good courage, for learning new skills. 

JOHNSON CHUA: The Philippines is a Dog Year, so this year we will have chances of better and more opportunities, despite COVID-19. There are uncertainties, so we still need to be careful. For the economy, think and plan long-term, because the situation can be volatile. The Tiger and Dog are friends, so we’re hoping good friends or allies would like to invest more here or to help us. 

Feng shui consultant Johnson Chua: This year we will have chances of better and more opportunities,despite COVID-19.

Q: What are your predictions for our presidential candidates? Let us start alphabetically according to their surnames, Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson’s birthday is June 1, 1948, that makes him a Rat.

Senator Panfilo Lacson: Year of the Rat (1948)

JEAN: Senator Ping Lacson is an Earth Rat. This is a good year for him, he can enjoy success, some victory in his projects, but he will also encounter strong competition. He has to keep his mind clear in resources and knowledge. He needs good strategies and good planning. He should be ready to delegate tasks to his people for successful outcomes. It can be a good year, but he will have strong competition. He might be sensitive; do not get emotionally stressed. 

JOHNSON: These are forecasts and only guidance; not predictions. What I’m sharing are for people born to the Dog sign in general, in this Year of the Tiger. They can use these forecasts as a guide to improve their situations because sometimes good luck or good opportunities come, but if we fail to grab them, then we cannot see good results. If people face a challenging year, but are properly guided, then we can manage our risks. For the Rat, this year offers good opportunities, but there is also a lack of stability. The Rat needs to strengthen focus and be careful about health.

What about former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., born Sept. 13, 1957, making him a Rooster?

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., Year of the Rooster (1957)

JEAN: Senator Bongbong Marcos is a Fire Rooster. The Tiger Year is good for him. He will enjoy creativity, resourcefulness. He may find good solutions and he can win the hearts of people. He has the fire element, so he will put passion into his work, he will show sincerity, and help more people. He has his own ways to help people. He should get into sync his mind and heart; both should go together. He should not waste his time and opportunities. 

JOHNSON: For people of the Rooster sign, this is a good year. There are top three lucky animal signs this Tiger Year — Pig, Horse and Rooster. You will have strong power, energy, influence and strong recognition from others. A Rooster needs to be careful about traitors and backbiters.

How about Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, born Oct. 24, 1974, making him a Tiger?

Mayor Isko Moreno, Year of the Tiger (1974)

JEAN: Mayor Isko Moreno is a Wood Tiger, which may be a little in conflict with this Tiger Year. He might be a little bit overaggressive and impulsive in actions, but a Wood Tiger is also very smart in communications, in negotiations. He will have challenges and conflicts, but he can still be popular with people because they want to see what he’s doing right or wrong. People want to know what he’s doing. 

JOHNSON: This year is your own year if you’re a Tiger. It will be a strong but also challenging year, so be careful in terms of conflicts and struggles. 

What about Senator Manny Pacquiao, born Dec. 17, 1978, making him a Horse?

Senator Manny Pacquiao, Year of the Horse (1978)

JEAN: Senator Manny Pacquiao is an Earth Horse. This year, he will enjoy expansion, growth, more opportunities, maximum energy and maximum power. He will be luckier in career and in business. Since he has power luck, if he can do business or deals, he will be lucky. His spending star is also strong, so Pacquiao should be careful in his investment decisions because he might lose a lot of money. He can enjoy good business and career, but he must be more focused on how to better handle business and finances.

Avoid too many expectations. The Tiger and Horse are good friends, there will be strong support and little conflict in communicating with people, but he should be careful in the choices of people to guide him in planning and strategies. He should choose the right people to work with him. 

JOHNSON: The Horse is one of the good animal signs this Tiger Year; success and luck is strong. Avoid distractions.

What about Vice President Leni G. Robredo, born April 23, 1965, making her a Snake?

Vice President Leni Robredo, Year of the Snake (1965)

JEAN: Vice President Leni Robredo is a Wood Snake. This Tiger Year will be a little bit stressful. She can be a quick thinker to find solutions or ways out. She should endeavor to find good solutions to problems, in order to avoid making them bigger. Do not think too much. Do not have too high expectations of what she’s doing, in order to lessen emotional stress. 

JOHNSON: The Snake can have a good year because it is among the top five lucky signs this Tiger Year. Since the conflict is very strong, avoid trust issues and avoid being deceived.

How will this Tiger Year be for President Rody R. Duterte, born March 28, 1945, making him a Rooster?

President Rodrigo Duterte, Year of the Rooster (1945)

JEAN: President Duterte is a Wood Rooster. This will be a good year for him. President Duterte will, this year, have good power and good leadership. He still has power to delegate to his team and they can give him good support. His birthdate is March 28 — there’s also a high potential of a lot of toxic people due to the quarrel star sometimes, so he needs to be very careful with his actions, his communications and his emotions.

But overall, the Wood Rooster can enjoy a good year, but sometimes problema lang magulo ang isip at minsan ay out of topic (problem only if confusing his thinking and sometimes out of topic). (Laughs)