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Here’s why we choose seafood over red meat

Published Jan 19, 2021 2:13 am

You might think meat is inevitable, but it’s really not.

There are a lot of non-red meat dishes that can be served—and yes, enjoyed. Cutting out meat doesn’t mean you’re restricted to plain ol’ salads. You can now open up your horizons to new meat-free dishes you’ve never tried before.

If you’re swearing off meat this year or just looking for a change from the same old quarantine food, here’s a list of seafood dishes that will make it easy for you to bid farewell to meat-based meals.

Crunchy squid heads

Squid is giving us everything, baby. You already know squid rings and calamares, but did you know you can take fried squid to a different level? Squid can be cooked in a variety of ways because you can use all parts of the body, even the ink. But a really fresh take is the crunchy squid heads from Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar. It’s a squid variation that’s an adventurous welcome to your new seafood diet.

Inihaw na pusit

What did I tell you about squid giving us everything? Juicy meat is no match for Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar’s stuffed squid marinated in tangy vinaigrette and cooked over hot coals—which is exactly what inihaw na pusit is. This seafood dish is often served at beachside restaurants for a hearty boodle fight lunch, but it can also be a great appetizer when paired with ice-cold beer and your family’s usual holiday karaoke session.

Bangus ala pobre

If you’re a sucker for beef dishes like beef steak, bistek tagalog and tapa, then Bangus ala Pobre will make for an easy transition step to going pescatarian. Bangus ala Pobre from Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar is milkfish cooked bistek style which means with soy sauce, lightly fried onions, loads of garlic and a dash of calamansi juice.

Crab rice

Meaty rice bowls are so over—crab rice is where it’s at. Rice is great when paired with anything (hello there, rice-lovers) so why not pair it with this flavorful shellfish next time? Crab rice is also a refreshing dish because of its accompanying lime, cilantro and scallions. If you’re not into creamy kani salad, go for a bowl of crab rice from Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar instead. Spoiler alert: It’s so much more filling.

Sinigang na hipon

Yep, the OG sour soup comes in seafood too, not just pork. You’re already probably familiar with this, but sinigang na hipon is still worth mentioning. If you’re just taking your first step into a pescatarian diet, sinigang is a good staple. The taste is familiar enough that you won’t feel you’re changing your diet so much, but it’s also vastly different from pork sinigang that you might just be convinced to say goodbye to meat completely.

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