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WATCH: Customer orders from In-N-Out drive-thru with camel

By Harold Lemon Tubiano Published Oct 11, 2022 12:30 pm

Customers picking up orders from In-N-Out burgers were surprised to see an unusual customer waiting along in line with other cars at a drive-thru last week.

Video recorded by Key News Network showed a Nevada man ordering snacks from the drive-thru burger joint with his pet camel.  

This unusual sight went viral over the internet as handler Brandon Nobles took an order escorting a 12-year-old dromedary camel Fergie in the In-N-Out store in Las Vegas.  

The camel was seen approaching the drive-thru window calmly to take his fries order after waiting patiently in line along with the other cars. The unexpected customer drew amusement from the employees, taking their phones to capture the fries-loving camel. 

'She loves the French fries!' Nobles said as he feeds Fergie some fries. 

"She's very acclimated to heat, obviously," the handler explained. "She just didn't quite get along with where she was at, so she needed a home." 

Fergie does not only crave fries. As seen on Nobles' Instagram account, she also enjoys eating burritos, bagels, and burgers charting her trips to various fast-food stores including Chipotle, Einstein Bros., Dutch Brothers Coffee, McDonald's, Bagels, and Wendy's.   

According to Nobles, Fergie is a rescued camel pet from Colorado, who is now under the care of Jeffry's Farm. Camels are estimated to live for about 65 years.

"Jeffery's Farm is our small animal rescue that we privately fund," Nobles told Newsweek.  

The farm's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and give a home to the farm and handicapped animals in Las Vegas.