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When baddies collide: A brief history of Nadine Lustre and Bretman Rock's lowkey friendship

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Nov 08, 2021 6:40 pm

In today's edition of crossovers we didn't know we needed, Nadine Lustre and Bretman Rock are the ultimate Instagram friend goals.

In a photo posted by Nadine paddle boarding in Siargao, Bretman showed his support by commenting "Love this pic" - making fans gush over a possible collaboration between the two.

But did you know that they're actually longtime friends?

A deep dive into the social media accounts of the two sees a steady stream of support from both sides, from Nadine's On The Wings Of Love era to Bretman's birthday posts. Here's what we could dig up from the two baddies.

In 2016, the two were seen hanging out via Bretman's Snapchat stories. Since then, they've been regular lowkey commentators on each other's Instagram.

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During Bretman's birthday posts, Nadine can be seen liking of even commenting on his extra photoshoots.
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When she announced her collaboration with Calvin Klein in January of 2020, Bretman was among the first to comment. 

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Nadine's post about her mullet hairstyle also delighted fans - and elicited a telling "yes" from the Hawaii-based influencer.

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Nadine also reshared Bretman's cover shoot with a local fashion magazine which also featured Nadine a few months before Bretman.
In an interview, the actress also shared that she would love to have a photoshoot with Bretman in the future.

Though the two haven't met up again just yet, we're sure that it'll be a reunion to remember - and for fans to endlessly gush over.