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Globe Business helps MSMEs thrive this holiday season

By Adam Laurena Published Dec 19, 2022 7:00 pm

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic saw people from all walks of life making ends meet by selling various stuff in the digital space: from home-cooked meals to RTW, and many more. With many losing their main source of income, Filipinos were forced to become resourceful in this unfamiliar and largely unprecedented challenge.

Fast forward to almost three years later, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) have provided jobs and steady sources of income to Filipinos who have taught themselves to be entrepreneurs amidst trying times.

This holiday season, Globe Business supports MSMEs through their Gift Local campaign, which aims to help small businesses with their needs during the busiest time of the year—providing innovative insights and digital solutions to help MSMEs strive and succeed.

The campaign will help promote the products and services of MSMEs to a wider audience, as well as enhancing their customer’s experience with digital tools and increasing operational efficiency with digital solutions—taking full advantage of the success and growth opportunities that the holiday season has to offer.

Giving MSMEs selling platforms

As early as November, Globe was hands-on in providing a space for local MSMEs to showcase their products and services to interested customers. After two years of purely virtual events, MSMEs were able to promote their goods through an on-ground bazaar at The Globe Tower.

This event gave MSMEs the opportunity to meet their market face-to-face, while showcasing their products and services to customers who want to do some holiday shopping for themselves and their loved ones—just in time for the holiday season. Products ranging from food, clothes, make-up to many more were on offer.

Globe Business also gave MSMEs the perfect avenue to reach a wider audience through a one-and-a-half hour live selling event on social media last December 2.

Through Globe Business’ official Facebook page, select local brands presented and sold their unique, locally-made products to viewers nationwide and around the world. The live-selling event got over 780,000 views.

By supporting MSMEs through Gift Local, Globe Business and their MSME partners were also able to help vulnerable families, as part of the proceeds went to Hapag Movement as the campaign’s beneficiary, and have local communities supported by MSMEs benefit from their success, such as local weavers, shoemarkes, candlemakers, and a lot more, giving everyone an extra special holiday. 

Manage in a click

Globe Business also offered ChatGenie, an in-app commerce platform for MSMEs where they can monitor customer orders, inventory, and monthly sales, as well as manage all customer transactions from different channels. Upon its launch, Globe Business gave MSMEs an onboarding and free trial of the platform.

In the form of a chatbot, ChatGenie allows MSMEs to conveniently operate their business through an easy-to-use dashboard that has an order tracker system and where buyers can effortlessly view their menu, order and pay through the apps they already use, as well as effectively interact with customers on various platforms.

In the past, MSMEs would have managed orders through chats and order forms. Now, integrated into various platforms, ChatGenie allows them to make track of customer orders in one place.

Furthermore, ChatGenie gives sellers an overview of what platforms customers usually use to access their store so they can instantly announce sales, promos, and discounts to the appropriate channels.

The digital switch

With the wants and needs of customers continuously evolving, they do not just base their purchase on product alone. Considerations such as the convenience and ease of purchasing an item, its availability on online platforms, as well as fast and easy payment and shipping options become major factors to consider for consumers.

As the majority of businesses shift to e-commerce, it is crucial for MSMEs to adapt to these digital marketing trends. With Globe Business, all of these will be made possible.

Through Globe Business’ digital solutions such as Cloud Payroll, Connectivity Plans, ChatGenie and Vehicle Tracker and expertise and enablement programs such as Upstart, and the Globe Business Academy, MSMEs will surely be able to shift their business easily towards digitalization, not to mention expanding their customer base.

Want to be part of Globe Business' upcoming programs and free trials? Visit to learn more about Globe Business.

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