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Fangirl guide: Meet the cutie-sexy leads of the Netflix rom-com ‘Love and Leashes’

By Hannah Mallorca Published Feb 15, 2022 4:00 pm

Have you ever been open about your carnal fantasies? Perhaps, Netflix’s Love and Leashes will help you get real about your sexual desires. 

Love and Leashes, starring Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun (Jung Jiwoo) and U-KISS’ Jun (Jung Jihoo), has the makings of a cutie-sexy flick. It’s a hilarious and relatable rom-com that talks about sexuality, erotic desire, misogyny in the workplace, and consent. Plus, it’s a showcase of Seohyun and Jun’s sizzling chemistry and acting abilities.

If you can’t get enough of Seohyun and Jun, we’ve created a fangirl guide featuring their past K-dramas and their best moments as K-pop idols. (Yup, this is a sign to join their fandoms or be a passionate stan.)

Seohyun as Girls’ Generation’s maknae

Seo Joohyun—or Seohyun—debuted as the maknae (youngest member) and the lead vocalist of Girls’ Generation a.k.a. one of the biggest K-pop groups of all time in August 2007. 

Seohyun had a long and illustrious career as a member of Girls’ Generation. But, if we have to choose her best eras, Run Devil Run and You Think (who else remembers her iconic split) are on the top of our list. 

Seohyun was previously known as the group’s “innocent maknae” but Love and Leashes is an eye-opening proof that she’s now a classy and independent woman.

Seohyun as a vocal powerhouse in Girls’ Generation-TTS

Seohyun also flexed her singing abilities when she debuted as a member of the subunit Girls’ Generation-TTS in 2012. The subunit is about showcasing their vocal abilities by belting high notes and going all-out in retro-inspired tracks.

Some of Seohyun’s best moments in Girls’ Generation-TTS include her Adrenaline fancam (where she shocked fans by splitting onstage) and Twinkle.

Seohyun as a soloist

Seohyun also released her first solo album Don’t Say No in January 2017, with the classy and sexy title track of the same name. The glamorous music video proved that she can hold her own as a soloist where she hinted at her acting career.

Seohyun as an actress

The crime drama Private Lives is probably one of Seohyun’s most iconic K-dramas. She starred as the manipulative swindler Cha Jooeun who alters the reality of her personal life since she’s afraid of living on difficult means. She eventually falls in love with Lee Junghwan (Go Kyungpyo) after getting into a quick marriage to uncover a major secret.

Seohyun also showed off her acting chops in the dramatic miniseries Hell Dracula where she portrayed Anna, a lesbian elementary teacher. Anna suffers from depression after breaking up with her girlfriend of eight years and struggling to make peace with her mother who doesn’t accept her gender. 

Jun as U-KISS’ maknae

Meanwhile, Lee Junyoung, or Jun, was added to the boy group U-KISS as the maknae, vocalist, and rapper in 2014. He made his debut with the provocative music video Quit Playing where he showed his potential as one of the group’s aces.

The peak of Jun’s U-KISS days lasted for three years, and a handful of his best eras include Quit Playing and Playground.

Jun as a contestant of ‘The Unit’ and a member of UNB

Jun shocked fans when it was announced that he’s entering the survival show The Unit in 2017. What makes this show different from its other counterparts is that it spotlights K-pop idols who have already debuted in the industry—offering a second chance to fame.

By the end of the show, Jun tearfully finished in first place. He then re-debuted as the main vocalist, lead dancer, and center in the project group UNB and they lasted for nine months. 

Jun as an actor

Rebranding as Lee Junyoung, Jun transitioned into an actor where he played various roles. One of his biggest roles to date is Imitation—a callback to his idol career—where he starred as world-famous K-pop star Kwon Ryok.

Jun also showed off his singing abilities in the 2021-2022 series Let Me Be Your Knight which revolves around a fictional band named Luna. He starred as Yoon Taein, the band’s main vocalist who suffers from a sleep disorder.