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Solenn Heussaff is a proud mom of daughter Tili who speaks 4 languages at age 3

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published May 01, 2023 7:27 pm

Even as an adult, learning a new language is no easy task, but at just three years old, Solenn Heussaff's daughter Thylane or Tili can already speak four languages.

On her Instagram account, Solenn posted a video detailing all of Tili's talents and qualities that put a smile on her face, such as being a multitasker, learning how to be independent, being a "master of storytelling," taking good care of her father Nico Bolzico, and many more.

But perhaps the one skill that stands out from the rest is Tili being able to speak many languages at such a young age, as the proud mom pointed out, "Since we live in a multilingual household, it’s only natural for Tili to pick up a word or two of the languages we use. And at three years old, she speaks Spanish, French, English and Tagalog!"

"It's amazing how she can switch languages depending on who she’s talking to. It’s so mesmerizing to listen to!" the proud mom highlighted.

Solenn attributed Tili's giftedness to them exposing her to all sorts of do-it-yourself activities even before she turned one year old.

"Tili also loves sensory and DIY activities, and we’ve been at it since she was just 19 months old. Even at an early age, our kids already have their own interests, so our job is to nurture their potential," she said.

Aside from this, Solenn previously shared in an Instagram Story that watching cartoons dubbed in French and Spanish had also been a way for Tili to grasp the languages.

"[Tili] hears English everyday with everyone so she will learn it fast. She hears Tagalog everyday at home and with family, so it will come naturally just like English. [She will learn] French only with me and my dad. [She will learn] Spanish only with Nico. So she needs more exposure with both languages," she wrote.

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In the comments section, many of Solenn's fans and fellow celebrities showered her daughter with praises for her many skills.

"Tili is amazing! My mum and I are always so impressed with her language capabilities and confidence at such a young age. Good job parents," television host and model Marc Nelson gushed.

Others wrote, "It’s all because her parents are so patient and consistent in talking to her in those languages and she is starting to be an artist like Solenn as well. Give her a few more years and she’ll probably be able to paint like mommy na rin. Iba talaga pag hands on ang parents and don’t rely on gadgets to entertain and teach their child."

Solenn and Nico introduced Tili to the world back in January 2020. Their love eventually bloomed them a second daughter named Maëlys Lionel who they welcomed in December last year.

As of the moment, the loving couple is keeping themselves busy by building their soon-to-be finished dream house, which they started constructing in 2021.