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ITZY charms Pinoy fans with Tagalog knowledge and more during Philippine fan meet

By Arian Yupangco Published Apr 17, 2023 1:44 pm

The year started on a high note for Midzys all over the country when the members of K-pop sensation ITZY kicked off a three-day stop in Manila back in January as part of their first world tour.

Midzys, as ITZY’s fans are proudly called, had another reason to get excited all over again because the members were back in the metro for a press con and their first fan meet in four years, arriving officially as ambassadors for the fashion brand Bench.

The fan meet announcement sent the social media world spinning as Midzys and other K-pop fans alike were eager to see their idols and interact with them on a whole new level. More on that in a bit!

Decked out in their Bench fits, members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna looked fresh, chic, and oh-so-cute as they greeted members of the press on their first day. Not an easy feat for most, considering they came straight from the airport just hours before.

Talk about the power of fantastic fashion. Clad in a mix of tank tops, skirts, and eye-catching knee-high socks, the girls looked both comfy and trendy, which comes as no surprise if you’re familiar with Bench’s signature aesthetic and vibe.

Host and a famous face himself, Robi Domingo, made sure to point that out just after they introduced themselves with their catchphrase, “All in us. Hi! We are ITZY!”

In ITZY-approved fits are (from left) Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Chaeryeong, and Yuna): “I really enjoyed wearing the clothes when filming our ads,” says Ryujin.

They definitely kept their terrific Tagalog knowledge too and gave self-introductions that were equally adorable and impressive, with main rapper Ryujin saying, “Hello, Midzys. Ako ay si Ryujin. Masaya ako makita kayo.”

ITZY definitely kept their terrific Tagalog knowledge, too, and gave self-introductions that were equally adorable and impressive.

Of course, we were all ears when they were asked to recount their last experience in the country and what they enjoyed or remembered most. ITZY’s leader Yeji didn’t hesitate to say, “I was once again amazed by the warm welcome of the Filipinos, even from the airport,” and she added that the entire trip, from the Glorietta press event to the two-day concert, was unforgettable. ITZY’s main dancer Chaeryeong, meanwhile, said, “I was very happy to meet them (Midzys) again. While I was on stage, I got to interact with the fans as well and see them eye to eye.” Don’t worry, Chaeryeong, we were happy to see you too.

Naturally, the girls also gushed about being appointed ambassadors and it’s clear to see why Bench chose this powerhouse group that exudes both youthfulness and an irresistible edge. Main vocalist Lia sang Bench’s praises by saying, “I love clothing that really shows the wonderful silhouette of our body. Bench really produces these types of things well.”

After the formal event, I got the opportunity to sit down with this fantastic fivesome and get to know them better by first asking some couture-related questions. “Pretty,” was the youngest member Yuna’s short but sweet answer at first when I asked her how she’d describe her personal style, “And at the same time comfy because I spend a lot of time dancing and practicing, so I like the casual look that’s also very feminine.”

Ryujin, who’s often trending online for what she’s donning, added, “I wear comfortable clothes the most, so I’m glad that we could work with Bench which specializes in that. I really enjoyed wearing the clothes when filming our ads.”

I couldn’t help but also ask how they de-stress after a tiring day. “After a long day, I go home and turn on my iPad and watch dramas while eating snacks,” said Yeji with a big smile, “I didn’t enjoy watching dramas before, but I’ve recently gotten into them.” I’m sure many of us can relate.

I wondered what advice they could give to their fans, especially to younger Midzys who look up to them. “It’s very important to have proper meals, sleep early, and love yourself,” Chaeryeong told me. “Those are three things that we always try to remember to do, too.”

Even after, my time with ITZY didn’t come to an end just yet. As a certified Midzy, with the tattoo to prove it, I had to attend their fan meet at SM MoA Arena the very next day. But what’s a fan meet, you ask? Here’s the lowdown: Unlike your typical concert, fan meets give you the chance to interact with your K-pop kings and queens by playing games with them, winning insane prizes, talking to them, and more. It’s the ultimate fan experience packed into a couple of hours! And the ITZY girls certainly delivered by making their second fan meet one to remember.

They tried their hand at games like guessing the meaning of Tagalog words, singing karaoke with the audience, and even dancing with lucky Midzys. We also got to sing happy birthday to fellow April baby Ryujin, who celebrated her birthday on the 17th. The event wrapped up just like it started, with the ITZY girls bringing the house down with their hit song Sneakers, showing once again why they always slay the stage.

Everyone definitely went home starry-eyed and satisfied and we can’t wait to see our favorite girls in another future fan meet. Until then, ITZY!