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Adorn your wrist with this P28,000 zip tie bracelet (or perhaps not)

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published Jan 22, 2021 3:38 am

It’s not hard to ignore the ubiquitous zip tie. It usually just sits pretty at the back of the TV or workstation holding up the cable wires, some groceries abroad use it to seal grocery bags, and others use it to lock their luggage.

Well, it’s 2021 and anything is possible, including the ever-present zip tie snaking into some people’s sartorial style.

This Zip Tie bracelet by Japanese jewelry label Ambush is brewing chatter online not just because of its aesthetic but also because of its hefty price tag—$583 or about P28,000.

Ambush's Zip Tie bracelet in brass is sold at $583 or about P28,000. Photo from @ambush_official

Farfetch, an online luxury fashion retail platform, carries Ambush’s zip tie bracelets and displays them on the site with the description: “With this Ambush Zip Tie bracelet, you’ll be shaking your wrist the whole time, so people notice it. Well, we have news for you: there’s no need to make a (fool) out of yourself. People will notice the bracelet anyway.”

This bracelet is available in sterling silver, metal and brass material and come in black, blue, yellow, silver, red and gold.     

With a quick check online, a bundle of actual zip ties (usually made of nylon) are priced starting P50.

People on social media were quick to jump in the conversation, with some calling it “ridiculous, “ while others saying it is a “scam” and a “joke.”

@TimOrgano called out Farfetch for selling the bracelets modeled after the everyday zip tie. “Hey @FarFetch, please tell me you’re a parody site and you’re joking. I cannot imagine anyone with any sense of decency charging THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS for a zip tie. Are you openly conning the stupid and the gullible?”

Others created memes and poked fun at the existence of these bracelets. Some even saying that even if the bracelets were coated in sterling silver to look like plastic, they are still not shelling out money with its exorbitant price.

@3gpKucing tweeted a link to the bracelet with the caption, “I don’t understand fashion but wtf is this? It’s really stupid, it’s a scam.”

(Clockwise) Nob clip brass earring ($457 or about P22,000), Zip Tie brass earrings ($670 or about P32,000), Zip Tie metal bracelet, and Zip Tie two-finger ring in sterling silver ($720 or about P34,000). Photos from Farfetch

According to its website, Ambush, the jewelry label of the zip tie bracelets is inspired by innovative pop art designs that capture a distinct Tokyo aesthetic, which is well represented in many of its designs.

The label also took inspiration from the utilitarian zip tie for its other accessories like rings starting at $720 (about P34,000) and earrings at $670 (about P32,000).

Silver ball chain necklace ($871 or P49,000). Photo from Farfetch

Ambush has also designed a ball chain necklace that resembles the silver chain that holds key chains or bag tags. This one, though, is sold for $871 (about P49,000).

There is also a clothesline peg-inspired earring made of brass called the Nobo clip that sells for $457 (about P22,000) and a barbed wire ring made of sterling silver, which costs $825 (about P40,000).

Will you spend a fortune for accessories inspired by everyday items in the name of fashion?

Banner image photos from @ambush_official