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Like K-Pop, K-Dramas, and Korean food, Korean fashion has also been gaining popularity around the world.

A look at Korean fashion trends through female K-pop icons

By Hannah Mallorca Published Oct 22, 2020 10:54 pm Updated Oct 23, 2020 12:03 am

The Hallyu wave has taken over the world by storm. From K-pop, K-dramas, even Korean food, it’s not hard to name one thing that comes from these categories.

Nowadays, you can see people jamming to songs from BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, Exo, ITZY and other idol groups.

In social media, you’ll spot a friend fangirling over K-dramas or their favorite oppa.

And one of the pre-pandemic activities that many Filipinos miss during quarantine is stuffing their faces in samgyeopsal restaurants.

Korean fashion has also been gaining popularity. Even before lockdown, you’ll see a lot of people wearing Korean-inspired outfits — this writer included.

Curious about how you can incorporate K-Fashion into your own style? Here are a few ways to start, inspired by K-pop female icons.

1. Jumpsuits

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A jumpsuit is an instant outfit that you can throw on and call it a day. Many Korean stars are spotted in jumpsuits made out of easy-to-wear fabrics and baggy legroom. Red Velvet’s Seulgi pairs her denim jumpsuit with sandals in an outfit perfect for every day.

Celmia Denim Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Layer this jumpsuit with a thin sleeveless top or shirt if you’re not fond of showing skin. You can also pair this with a tube bra or bandeau top underneath.

2. Cute headbands

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You don’t have to be fond of feminine pieces to incorporate headbands into your look. Red Velvet’s Irene shows how it’s done with her black headband paired with a classic little black dress.

Lanshi Bow Headband

Look regal with this bow headband from Lanshi. Even if you’re wearing a simple outfit, this can make you look expensive.

3. Crop Tops

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Seoul City

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With her effortlessly chic style, it’s no surprise that Blackpink’s Jennie is the muse of luxury brand Chanel. She always breaks the internet whatever she wears — crop tops are no exception.

PWAE Floral Cropped Blouse

Pull off an outfit that looks so good and so sweet with this floral crop top from PWAE. With its puffed sleeves and bow at the back, you’re going to look perfect for summer.

4. Oversized wear

Oversized outfits are a very popular trend in K-fashion. In social media, many K-pop stars put their own twist on the outfit. IZ*ONE’s Sakura brought a chic approach with a plaid coat and baggy trousers.

ICHOIX Plaid Suit Jacket

Since it’s getting chilly outside, this retro plaid coat from ICHOIX can make you look more put together even during lazy days.

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If you prefer comfy outfits, take notes from ITZY’s Ryujin who donned an oversized hoodie into her look.

AFEG Oversized Hoodie


This oversized hoodie from AFEG is perfect for errands and even when you’re working from home.

5. Fun and flirty dresses

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안녕 로즈?❤️❤️

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Many female K-Pop idols are particularly fond of feminine and playful dresses. This can be seen in Red Velvet’s Joy who looks eye-catching in a floral dress that’s perfect for summer.

PWAE Purple Puff-Sleeved Floral Dress


Like a jumpsuit, this floral dress from PWAE is an instant outfit. You don’t have to do too much since it does the job well. Pair it with sandals, flats or brogues and you’ll look like a summer dream.

IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung innocent charm shines through with this striped dress. It’s a perfect mix of feminine and fun — and it’s perfect for someone who’s not fond of showing a lot of skin.

Celmia Striped Midi Dress

You don’t have to be tall as Wonyoung (who stands at 5’7” at 16 years old, btw) to pull off this striped midi sundress from Celmia. While it’s better worn on dates, it suits all occasions as long as you pair it with the right accessories.

6. Blazers

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What makes K-fashion stand out from others is how everyday outfits are reinvented into more stylish pieces. A blazer, that’s usually worn in workplaces, has been upgraded to a more casual approach as worn by APink’s Naeun.

ICHOIX One-Piece Suit Jacket


In our country, it can get too hot to wear a blazer, especially when working from home. However, you can make it work with this blazer from ICHOIX. You can pair it with your work outfits (especially when you return to the office) or any casual OOTD.

7. Knitwear

In the past, knitwear was usually used during cold seasons—as a cardigan or sweater. K-fashion has upgraded it into an outfit that can be worn in all seasons. Solo artist Somi has given a more youthful and casual twist to knitwear with its cropped length and puffy sleeves.

ICHOIX Short-Sleeved Cropped Cardigan

Look cute with this ICHOIX knit short-sleeved top that suits all life occasions. With its cropped length, it’s perfect whether you’re shopping for groceries or having a virtual date with a loved one.

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