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Heart Evangelista shares her beauty mantra: ‘Health is your ultimate wealth'

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Dec 02, 2023 11:50 am

Heart Evangelista may have the most luxurious wardrobe any Pinay would want to have, but for the fashion icon, one can truly be considered glamorous if one stays fit and healthy.

"It's not all about how beautiful your dresses, how shiny your diamonds are, even if it is G.I.A. flawless type of thing, it's about your health— health is your ultimate wealth," the socialite said during a press conference for AkemiGlow last Nov. 28.

She explained, "You can look a million dollars by just standing in front of a thousand people wearing nameless clothing, but if you look beautiful, there's something glowing, this is the one that we want. So you can't cover that up with just expensive things. Health is wealth and this is the ultimate favor that we can do for our body."

The 38-year-old actress also emphasized that having charming beauty is an advantage in this world full of beautiful faces. 

"Beautiful faces are everywhere, whether that's the glow, the charm, there's something about the person's super charming, and for me that's power," she expressed.

The actress previously revealed that she had a hard time entering showbiz because she was deemed too "maarte." 

In her post last Sept. 6, Heart shed light on this idea as she featured a photo taken at Louis Vuitton's newly launched Salon de Luxe in Cebu.

She began the caption by expressing how grateful she was to everyone who helped her that day and that she was happy for being able to do what she loved the most.

The actress went on to reflect on the true meaning of being "maarte," which she artistically spelled as "maHeArte," and its power to inspire others even when some people think otherwise. 

Heart wrote, "I always thought being 'maHeArte' was something I would be ashamed of growing up... didn't think being different and celebrating one's authentic self would take me to places and meet amazing people. Thank you."

"Remember fashion IS self-expression. Your very own personalized armor. :) It isn't just for the 'gram'... or showing what you have... It's celebrating yourself for YOU."

"And if by chance people love it? Then that's cool you get to inspire even better. "

Most recently, Heart was named the new ambassador of AkemiGlow, a beauty supplement brand that focuses on empowering individuals to embrace their true beauty.

In a conversation with PhilSTAR L!fe, Kristel Caparas, the CEO of AkemiGlow, said that Heart’s grace and charm perfectly encapsulates the essence of their brand, setting a new standard in luxury skincare.

"She's ageless and of course, she embodies the essence of AkemiGlow, and she is an authentic advocate for our product," she told L!fe.

@philstarlife Style Icon Heart Evangelista is the newest brand ambassador of AkemiGlow, a new glutathione in town! #style #fashion #heartevangelistalifestyle #beauty ♬ original sound - philstarlife

Heart also said that the ingredients of AkemiGlow which is Hithion and other natural substances made her decide to pursue the product.

"I'm not perfect myself, with my busy job, I definitely sometimes, you know, honest to say that I do abuse my body at times but I do make sure I really take good care of my body, and I am very self-aware of what I put on my body," she said.

"I really wanted to partner with AkemiGlow because they are all-natural and everybody wants to be healthy and have the glow at the same time. It is very important and priceless," the 38-year-old actress continued.

The actress also noted how she manages to take care of her body despite her erratic schedule. She said Hithion, one of its ingredients helps her to do so.

"Because it is so easy. I'm the type of person, who takes a lot of vitamins, and I do a lot of cleansings, but sometimes, I am just always on the go, you have responsibilities to your body, this is easy, this is just one pill a day, and its a thousand milligrams and so easy one, you're really doing your body a favor," she said.