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Check out Adidas’ first Brand Center in the Philippines, its largest store in the country

By PINKY S. ICAMEN Published Oct 24, 2021 5:42 pm

Ready your wits and wallets as Adidas’ largest store in the Philippines—the Brand Center—is now open, boasting over 1,500 sq. m. of store space that took inspiration from the Filipino identity, creativity, and culture.

The Brand Center, whose concept is anchored on a trifecta of pillars—sport, lifestyle and culture, and sustainability—opened its doors to the public at Glorietta 3 in Makati City on Oct. 22 that excited fans of the brand and enthusiasts alike. 

Who wouldn’t be excited? A massive retail space also means a wide range of products to choose from—sporting and lifestyle products, celebrity collections (Pharrell Williams, Karlie Kloss, Stella McCartney, etc.), exclusive gear for sports like golf and trail and outdoor. And a sneaker junkie good-to-know: the Brand Center’s Men’s area has the biggest Adidas footwear wall in the Philippines.

The Brand Center's Basketball Area.

Along with the products are very Filipino details by local artists and artisans, showcasing Filipino artistry and talent, and installations and efforts that are meant to educate and inform about sustainability.

A unique shopping experience

The Brand Center is more than just a massive retail space that houses the largest collection of Adidas products in the country. It also offers an elevated customer experience that makes every visit to the store special.

This experience starts when you plan to visit the store. To ensure the safety of customers and its staff, the store implements an online schedule booking process. Only a limited number of customers are allowed in the store at given times and there are no guarantees that walk-ins will be given a slot inside the store.

On the day of your visit, you will be treated to a 1:1 service by in-store specialists who are well-versed in the products, and all things Adidas. During PhilSTAR L!fe’s visit in the store’s grand opening, in-store specialist Roy walked us through every segment of the store and gave tidbits about product offerings and the space.

Stella McCartney section.

For those who would like to explore and shop independently, there are QR codes available throughout the store, where they could learn about the products moment areas of the Brand Center. There are also in-store specialists who are stationed in every category to whom people can direct their questions to. 

Furthermore, a digitized shopping experience may also be had within the store with its “Bring it To Me” digital retail enhancement, where customers may ask for their chosen footwear using the Adidas app and a store staff will bring the pair wherever the customers are in the store. A convenient way to shop, given the scale of how big the store is.

“Moment Areas” highlight Filipino culture and artistry

The Hype Wall featuring the Adidas x Quiccs collaboration titled 'Forum.'

Among the many things to look forward to when visiting the store (located in the space previously occupied by Dad’s buffet) are its 12 Moment Areas, which are exclusive dedicated spaces where customers can immerse in and enhance their Brand Center experience and learn about what the Adidas brand is all about.

It is through these Moment Areas, which are spread out on the sprawling retail floor, are where the Filipino artistry and heritage are showcased. These areas breathe more than just aesthetic (yes, they are very Instagrammable); they are also meant to inspire creativity, educate and inform.

Toy designer and visual artist Quiccs is the first Filipino collaborator of Adidas.

Featured in some of the Moment Areas are works of renowned toy designer and visual artist Quiccs, who is the first Filipino collaborator for Adidas.

Adidas x Quiccs collaboration 'Forum.'

Currently, his “Forum” collaboration footwear with Adidas is displayed in the store’s Hype Wall, a section that will be highlighting the brands’ latest collaborations, archives and incoming releases. 

A Quiccs piece is also featured in the Collection Cash Desk where his golden TEQ63 toy sitting with the giant Trefoil logo behind it.

Aral Cru's massive artwork in the Basketball Area.

In the Basketball Area is an artwork by contemporary art group Aral Cru (composed of Bvdot, Cinos and Frank) that highlight the elements of the Philippines’ street basketball culture. The artwork, which is reminiscent of the basketball court murals the group is known for, features the three stars and a sun, an eagle, tamaraw and a pawikan.

The Women's Ramp features 1,800 handmade clay disks by Tahanan Pottery.

There is also the Maker Lab, which is a space where customers can customize the products they purchased. Every Brand Center in the world has its own Maker Lab and the one in the country has pieces that are a nod to Philippine identities, including acacia wood art-piece with rattan wood panels, and paper twine lamps from Pamana inspired by the Philippine Eagle and the Philippine flag.

The Women’s Ramp, which is sort of a transition from the main floor to the Women’s Section, is an Instagram-worthy area with ceiling art filled with 1,800 handmade clay disks created by Tahanan Pottery and features wood elements.

Men's (left) and Women's fitting rooms feature artwork created with sustainable materials.

Other Moment Areas include fitting rooms replete with artwork made from sustainable materials by Argao weavers in the Visayas, T’boli in Mindanao, and weaves from the Yakan tribe of Sulu;  and the Collection ramp in collaboration with visual artist Kris Abrigo.

Strong message of sustainability

The 12-meter Sustainability Ramp.

Perhaps the most notable of these Moment Areas is the 12-meter rattan tunnel called the Sustainability Ramp, which is considered the “heart” of the Brand Center. 

The installation is a 360-degree digital immersive experience that aims to inspire action towards sustainability and help end plastic waste. In it are curved LED mesh and four large OLED displays that show videos that tackle issue of marine plastic pollution (which the Philippines is among the biggest contributors of in the world) that aims to spark conversation and sustainability.

Adidas calls to "End Plastic Waste' with its Ultraboost 21 x Parley, whose upper is made entirely of Parley Ocean Plastic, a material created from upcycled plastic waste that was intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before reaching the ocean.

In keeping with its promise of sustainability, the Brand Center encourages zero-plastic use and invites its customers to exercise bringing their own bags when shopping.

Exciting products and collections await fans

Adidas Philippines sports marketing and brand communications manager John David Cortez told PhilSTAR L!fe that as the Brand Center is Adidas’ biggest store in the Philippines, customers can expect to find the brand’s best products and exclusive items and collections there.

Adidas 4DFWD with a 3D-printed midsole.

Among the diverse range of products being offered in store are the Ultraboost 21 NYC and Trae Young 1; gold, cycling, swim and trail, outdoor, and tennis collections; and its Ultraboost 21 x Parley, which has an upper made entirely of Parley Ocean Plastic, a material created from upcycled plastic waste that was intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before reaching the ocean.

The Brand Center will also be host to future launches of hype products like Yeezy and offer some surprise restocks, too. 

Adidas' Pride collection called 'Love Unites.'

"We thought of bringing the Brand Center here in the Philippines because we want to give our consumer a unique experience and the consumer journey is important for the brand." — JD Cortez

Adidas’ Brand Center in the Philippines joins other Brand Centers in key cities across the globe, including in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Paris, London, New York City and more, as landmarks of the brand’s biggest and latest offerings. 

The Brand Center's  Men’s area has the biggest Adidas footwear wall in the Philippines.

“The Philippines is a big sports market. This is where a lot of things trend, this is also where a lot of advocacies live, and creative stories thrive. That’s why we thought of bringing the Brand Center here in the Philippines because we want to give our consumer a unique experience and the consumer journey is important for the brand,” Cortez said. 

According to Cortez, the plan of putting a Brand Center in the Philippines was planned even before the pandemic hit. While it is no easy feat to open a store during the pandemic, he said now is the right time for the brand to open this store despite the challenges.

(Left) Adidas Superstar Sean Witherspoon sneakers; Stan Smith Monster's Inc. sneakers.

“It is important for us to open now because the Brand Center also serves as an inspiration for us to be reminded of our three pillars in the brand—sport, lifestyle and culture, and sustainability,” he said.

Cortez added, “We still believe that though online is booming right now, it is important for market and consumer to really feel physical product and what the brand and the Brand Center offer for that elevated experience.”

Check out the Adidas Brand Center located at the 2F Glorietta 3, Makati City. Click here to schedule your Brand Center visit. For more information, visit