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Man accidentally gets paid 367 times his salary, now refuses to give it back

By Melanie Uson Published Aug 06, 2023 10:30 am

A man became rich "by accident" after receiving 367 times more than his pay. Now he's facing criminal charges for refusing to give it back.  

According to a local media report, an unidentified man from Kaposvár City, Hungary was supposed to get paid only 92,549 HUF (around P14,000) for his work, but his employer failed to convert the Hungarian forints currency to euros before depositing it into his Austrian account.

Instead of only paying him 92,549 HUF, his employer mistakenly transferred 92,549 euros (P5.7 million) to his bank account.

After realizing his mistake, the employer immediately reached out to the man and asked him to give back the excess amount. The latter said he did not have access to his bank account. 

During the investigation, however, his bank statement showed that he had withdrawn a large sum of money and had already transferred a huge chunk of it to his other account. 

The employee is now facing criminal charges for unlawful appropriation. He also got terminated from his job during the trial period.   

The company managed to freeze his bank account with the help of the Kaposvár District Prosecutor's Office and was able to retrieve 28 million HUF (over P4 million) from it.