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Manage near-sightedness with the new Rodenstock Mycon lenses

Published Oct 10, 2023 1:15 pm

The world has gone digital. And today’s younger generation—the digital natives—have the most access to tablets and computers, whether it’s for schoolwork or gaming. So, it’s not uncommon for many children today to develop near-sightedness or myopia.

Unknown to many parents, myopia among children can cause serious eye diseases when they reach adulthood that’s why it’s important to manage the condition at a young age.

Myopia is also hereditary. It often happens if one of the parents has it, increasing a child’s risk of developing the same condition. If both parents happen to have myopia, the probability even increases to 35 to 60%. Myopia progresses faster if both the child’s parents are myopic

Childhood myopia also increases the risk of a more severe eye disease in adulthood. Controlling childhood myopia at an early stage helps ensure healthier eyes in the long run.

Founded in 1877, the Rodenstock Group, a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality lenses, introduces the new Rodenstock MyCon spectacle lenses designed to help control myopia, guarantee sharp vision and counteract its progression among children between six and 14 years old.

An independent, clinical long-term study1 examining myopia progression in children aged seven to 14 years over a period of five years has shown that Rodenstock MyCon can slow down the progression of myopia by up to 40%. Wearing MyCon spectacle lenses is the simplest form of treatment to counteract the progression of myopia.

Myopia is also the result of a slightly elongated eye. Regular single-vision lenses are not designed to slow myopia progression. While regular vision lenses can slightly improve vision, eye elongation is not addressed so myopia is not stopped or controlled.

Rodenstock MyCon lenses with spectacle lenses are designed precisely to correct myopia and ensure sharp vision while counteracting the progression of myopia. In contrast to normal single-vision lenses, the light is scattered through progression control areas that are placed at the side of the lens so that at the periphery, the light is refracted to hit in front of the retina.

Rodenstock MyCon lenses slow eye elongation and myopia progression. The focus area of the new Rodenstock MyCon lenses ensures that children can see sharply whenever they focus their eyes.

Rodenstock MyCon spectacle lenses are thin and light so even with high prescription, the lenses do not stand out or appear thick. Rodenstock MyCon spectacle lenses proprietary and innovative Finish X-tra Clean creates a smooth surface by which dirt can barely adhere and can easily be cleaned off without leaving streaks or residues.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by EO-Executive Optical.