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Karen Davila, Korina Sanchez debunk rivalry rumors in first-ever interview together

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Nov 03, 2022 5:42 pm

What's a surefire way of dispelling rumors that you're having a feud with someone? Inviting that person for a one-on-one interview, of course.

That's exactly what broadcaster Korina Sanchez did when she had fellow broadcast journalist Karen Davila as a guest on her show for the first time.

In a once-in-a-blue-moon moment, the two highly-accomplished women in the Philippine broadcast industry sat down for a long talk in the newest episode of Korina's show, Korina Interviews, which aired on NET25 on Oct. 30.

Many people were surprised to see Korina and Karen on a single screen and engaging in an heart-to-heart interview no less, as they have never been seen working on a project together, which led to hearsays that they are "rivals" in the network.

While enjoying a plate of salad near the end of the interview, Korina finally began to address the "feud" between them.

She opened up about how she wanted to have Karen as a guest on the show, and the public raised eyebrows at her and asked if she was really going to do it—which confused her.

"Matagal na itong pinag-uusapan. Ako naman, tuwing ito ay lalabas sa mga usapan, parang 'What? No. I don't know where you're getting that'," Korina said.

She went on, "Sabi ko, 'Saan niyo ba nakukuha 'yan? Bakit ba ang tingin ninyo magkagalit kami ni Karen Davila?'"

When asked what her take on the issue is, Karen answered, "Ang feeling ko, because workwise, parang it was such a competitive environment where we used to work. Parang they would always pit people against each other."

"It would be, let’s say after Korina, nandiyan si Karen. Napakahirap din noon for any woman ha. Kasi nga, you feel minsan either may hinahabol ka or hinahabol ka," Karen added.

Both broadcasters agreed that it was everybody else who was "designing the race" and stirring the pot between them.

Karen then got candid about her regret in not forming a close friendship with Korina before she left ABS-CBN to work at TV5.

"I mean this from the bottom of my heart, ako sa pananaw ko, isa sa mga nasayang na panahon ko sa ABS-CBN is yung hindi kita nakilala doon. Of course, you were very busy, but I feel it was a lost opportunity for me, for both of us," Karen confessed.

"I wish I had gotten to know you then, even as a mentor, even as someone who was much senior than me. That whole experience of getting to know you, we never got to do that," she added.

Korina agreed with Karen in saying that their busy schedules hindered them from conversing with one another.

Another reason was that rumors about their alleged feud already began to surface even before they knew what was going on.

"Naunahan pa ng [intriga]. 'Ay ang pumalit kay Korina si Karen so baka galit si Korina kay Karen'. Actually hindi ah. Decision ng management iyon nung pinalitan mo ako sa TV Patrol. And there was [no bitterness from me]. Remember when [my husband] Mar ran, I even invited you? Wala talaga 'yun kasi decision talaga iyan ng mga boss namin nung mga panahon na iyon,” Sanchez explained.

Sharing stories on their experience in the industry, Korina closed this chapter in their conversation by stressing that the best thing that broadcasters and journalists could do is to just "shine wherever you are".

Korina became a part of the ABS-CBN family four years earlier than Karen in 1986 and was one of the main anchors of TV Patrol. Karen temporarily replaced her as an anchor before she returned to the network again.

The pair have received numerous recognitions for their work as broadcast journalists throughout the years.

Watch the full interview here: