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Local TikTokers that will give you a headstart in your fitness journey

By Taffy Bernales Published Jul 18, 2022 5:50 pm

Let's face it. If you love scrolling through TikTok, chances are, you've fallen victim to losing huge chunks of your days scrolling through the app endlessly. 

Lest you forget, it doesn't always have to be that way. TikTok is not only about dance challenges, fun filters, or new music trends, you can still channel your productivity and stay physically fit with the app it also provides a space for Filipino content creators who promote health and fitness.  

PhilSTAR L!fe has rounded up the ones you can follow to help jumpstart your fitness journey just about now.

Jo Sebastian 
@itsjosebastian Fuel your body with enough food to thrive! #tiktokfitph #bingerecovery #whatiatetoday #finishstrongwithtiktok #foodfreedom ♬ Late Night Paris Jazz - French Jazz Cafe

Jo is a dietician who puts a premium on sustainable diet meals and regular workouts. She even has a “What I Ate Today to Feel Good” TikTok series wherein she emphasizes learning to listen to your body and being kind to yourself because, as she always says, “you always deserve to eat.”  

This TikToker is not only about food and workout videos; she also validates our natural flaws as she grounds herself in “realistic” portrayals of the human anatomy. She also noted that nutrition is not just about nourishment but also about connection, tradition, and culture, so she definitely promotes our balanced Filipino meals— yes, rice included. 

Kathlyn Valencia
@kathlynvalencia THE BEST COMBOOO ‼️ #diet #health #nutrition #caloriedeficit #learnontiktok #edutok #eduwow #calories #weightgain #weightloss #caloriesurplus ♬ original sound - dordal

This “Dietician on Duty” is also a model who helps her clients achieve their weight goals through a healthy and balanced diet. She encourages viewers to not only work out but also watch their calorie deficit with nutrient-rich food. This, for her, is the best combo. Aside from making content about weight loss and gain, she also tackles health-related myths and food substitutes among others. 

Jeaneth Aro 
@coachjeanetharo #learnontiktok #learnwithtiktok #onlyexpertknows #sportsnutrition #nutrition #nutritiontips #diet #tiktokskwela #exercise #workout ♬ original sound - Coach Jeaneth Aro

Did you know that coach Jeaneth has already collaborated with many of the Philippines’ amateur professional athletes, including Olympic gold medalist and weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz? Jeaneth is an athlete-turned-elite-sports-nutrition-coach who specializes in athletic fueling strategies. Good thing she also uploads nutritional science content on TikTok, so users could also feel like they are Olympians themselves while taking free tips from a master. What’s more is that she smoothly presents complicated health matters in Filipino, which makes terms and content easier to comprehend. 

Anne Aniag 
@fitmomprojectph LIKE& FOLLOW FOR MORE! #summershred #fitmomprojectph #abschallenge #absworkout #homeworkout #fitfromhome #nutrition #tiktokmomph #absolutelynot #beginnerworkout #coreworkout #MayaMoneyMoves ♬ Earth Defense Force - Emetsound

ISSA Nutrition coach Anne Aniag is a popular fitness creator who helps users debunk diet and food myths, avoid cheat days, and take care of both their mental and physical health. This comes on top of creating workout challenges that will surely burn the fats away. She also gives tips for beginners and has emphasized the importance of exercise not just for adults but for children as well. With her seemingly never-ending rich and informative content, it’s no wonder how she garnered the most followers nationwide two years ago. 

Rick Sheen 
@rick.sheen Road to 🥐 shaped triceps! #iGotchuFam ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Need a fitness coach who’s easygoing but also pushes you towards your body goals at the same time? Rick Sheen has got you covered. The self-proclaimed CEO of “I Gotchu Fam” is your local gym bro who provides diverse workout tips. This flight attendant-slash-bodybuilder also answers diet queries from the comments section, explains what you need to know about a fitness program, and makes relatable workout skits based on experience. Of course, he also suggests training routines and corrects exercise positions done wrong. 

AR Resurreccion
@ar.resurreccion Online Coaching? PM me on IG 😉 #SummerShred #startstrongwithtiktok #TikTokSkwela #workoutwithme #YouthWithYou3 #FreeBuds4i4u ♬ Caroline - Joshua Ona

Like Rick, AR is one of your go-to gym bros who posts workout challenges that could certainly make the body more toned, active, and productive. As a fitness junkie, AR’s videos focus more on doable cardio and muscle exercises, with some even allowing you to work with a partner. Apart from food tips that could guide you on your protein and carb intake, he also has a quarantine series worth checking as well as transformation videos that could inspire those who are only just beginning their fitness journey. AR followed Anne in the top TikTok fitness influencers last 2020.

Camille Medina
@_camillemedina Practice your #pushups w/ me! #homeworkout #workoutlikeafilipina #startstrongwithtiktok #fitnessphilippines #fitfamph #seeusstronger #pinoyfitness #fy ♬ STAY - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

With her TikTok videos set both at home and the gym, this fitness influencer will motivate you from ending your couch potato days. Camille’s content varies from workout preparations to super-stay makeup tips that you do not want to miss. She also offers personalized online coaching, but her self-care tips and unique workout challenges and ideas are free to watch on TikTok and Youtube.