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Move over, love bombing: 'Zombie-ing' is the latest dating term to give you the spooks

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Oct 27, 2022 4:00 pm

Halloween isn't the only season for zombies.

With the number of modern dating terms popping up nowadays, it can become a real challenge to keep up with the times. Add to that the pressure of meeting someone new and actually dating, and well, you don't have to wonder why some people prefer to stay single.

But in the spirit of the coming Halloween season, here's one more term to keep in mind in case that ghoster rises from the dead this Oct. 30: Love Zombie-ing, or simply Zombeing.

At this point, are we even surprised that so many dating terms are related to horror?

At its core, Zombeing refers to when someone who once left you in the cold comes back to try to get your attention and see if they can reel you back in.

It remains different from getting back together normally with an ex, as Zombeing happens when you and that person didn't have an official relationship in the first place. It's used when people choose not to explain themselves and pretend that their disappearance never happened.

It's also known as the opposite of 'love bombing,' wherein someone showers you with too much love and affection from the beginning, then slowly pulls it back once you get attached.

The term was brought up in the Philippine airwaves during a recent episode of the morning show Magandang Buhay wherein licensed psychologist Dr. Ali Gui delved into the topic further

"Suddenly, dumating na siya sa buhay mo na naman," Dr. Gui explained. "Nagpapakita na parang walang nangyari sa inyo. At ang mga words na ginamit niya has nothing to do with your relationship."


"Parang sa kanya hindi kamusta ka?' Sa kanya parang 'umuulan ba?' Nothing will be discussed about your relationship. Parang walang nangyari, bagong magkakilala," she added.

While Zombeing hasn't received the same mainstream attention as other dating terms like ghosting, love bombing, and even beige flags, Zombeing has long been around in the dating scene.

Think about it, maybe you've been the victim or perpetrator at some point in your life too.

While it all depends on the situation, keep in mind that the next time a certain ex-fling hits you up by reacting to your story (or lazily sending a fire emoji,) zombies coming back from the dead cause more trouble than they're worth.