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Vern and Verniece Enciso share how detoxing helps improve their overall health

By Camille Santiago Published Sep 09, 2021 2:51 pm

Sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso, the fashionable force behind the vlog Vern and Verneice and perfume line VV and Co., are masters at throwing together elevated looks for any occasion and location. While their social media pages may be filled with travel and fashion posts, the sisters believe that health and well-being are also very much important.

"We recently like lost a friend who, you know, who spoiled himself too much. And I guess that's what I learned, you really have to take care of your health, other than self care," Vern said in an interview with Tricia Centenera for Talk With Tricia.

And because of that, the Enciso sisters make sure to practice a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and detoxing.

Here, we had an exclusive chat with the Trizie ambassadors on how they detox.

Are you doing any kind of detox for your body? What does it consist of?
Verniece: Finding out I had PCOS was a wake-up call for me. When I found out, I knew I had to change my diet and lifestyle. I was so used to taking AGE (advanced glycation end) products that were bad for me which is not helping my PCOS. Now, detox is a regular part of my lifestyle which helps me regularly cleanse my gut as well.

Vern: I’ve started on this fasting diet where I fast for 22 hours a day and just eat a healthy meal once a day. It made me lose 15 pounds in less than 2 months! I always drink Trizie right before going to sleep to help me detox as well. It’s helped me with my fitness goals so much! 

Why should one consider a detox?
Verniece: If there’s one lesson we should learn from this pandemic, it's that we should always prioritize our health.

Vern: It's helped me so much with my gut problems. I used to have really bad GERD before I started fasting and detoxing all my health problems out. 

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What's an optimal timeline for a detox?
Verniece: When I consulted my nutritionist, she recommended me to do a regular detox 3 times a week. This will ensure that I keep my gut healthy.

Vern: With the Trizie clean fiber, I use it for 7 days at a time then I take a week's break then back at it again. I used to do it for weight loss but now it’s helped me with my health problems as well. 

What are some signs that your body needs a detox? What do you do to address that?
Verniece: There are tell-tale signs that tell me when it’s time for a detox. When I experience regular migraines I can immediately tell that it’s from the bad toxins I ate the past few days. Bloating is another sign. I get so bloated that I don’t even have enough energy to be productive. These moments tell me that it’s time to do a Trizie detox and cut off unhealthy food.

Vern: Bloating and really bad migraines. When I cut sugar and refined carbs from my diet plus the fasting and Trizie, all these disappeared! Now, of course, I treat myself every now and then but I really see a big difference because when I consume unhealthy food and don’t do fasting, I have really bad migraines throughout the day.  

What are your tips to rejuvenate the body and skin?
Verniece: First and foremost is to get a good 7-hour sleep because this affects your mood the next day. Second tip is to limit and watch the food that you put inside your tummy. I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I always eat vegetables but balance is key. You can eat your favorite food once in a while but your body needs healing and cleansing too. A detox every now and then is always a good idea. 

Vern: My fasting coach really reminded me that good skin comes from within and what you intake. Topical creams and a good skincare routine help so much too but food really plays a big role in how your skin will look. If you intake healthy, you’ll look it as well!

Photos from Verniece Enciso's Instagram