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Chynna Ortaleza on her weight loss: ‘Most of the time what you see is never ever surface deep’

By CHUCK SMITH Published Jun 14, 2021 2:41 pm

Actress Chynna Ortaleza is urging her followers yet again to “take it easy” and not judge her—particularly due to her current weight loss—as “most of the time what you see is never ever surface deep.”

This is after she explained to her social media followers that the weight loss she has been experiencing the past six months is due to a medical condition. And that, despite her lighter frame, she feels healthier and is recovering from her ailments.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, June 13, the 38-year-old actress revealed that she currently weighs at 86 pounds—several pounds below her 109 pounds weight before the pandemic. “But happy that my gut is recovering and that I am free of joint pains and headaches,” she said.

According to Chynna, she began experiencing weight loss, “gut problems,” and joint pain at the start of the pandemic last year. “When the pandemic hit, all of us had to make really drastic adjustments,” she said.

Chynna said that her health issues made her undergo a battery of tests, which revealed that the cause of her problems is due to her intolerance to certain food items.  

“The test revealed my intolerances. Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Corn, etc.. I honestly felt sad because everything I used to eat & loved had all of this! I had to take them out of my system for 3-4 months! I had to reprogram for the best. I started eating what was right for my body,” Chynna said, adding that this caused her drastic weight loss.

“The past months I have started to reintroduce the no-no’s on my chart.. and will also need to start building muscle. I pray that God will continue to light my way as I reconstruct the physical body that he has gifted this soul,” she explained.

The mother of two and wife to musician Kean Cipriano added: “I also learned that GRIEF & PTSD reflects on one’s body and I have to go through this to get through it. I am in the thick of this so please be kind.”

“I lost so many loved ones.. and mourn for what we used to enjoy as beings. I have plenty of traumas that I am currently dissecting.”

She ended, “Let’s all take it easy on each other. Most of the time what you see is never ever surface deep.”

This message comes as Chynna has been receiving numerous comments about her weight loss since early this year.

The actress addressed these comments in an Instagram post in February, saying that comments, even without ill intention can still be “scarring,” as they “may bring up past wounds.” “Most especially if they are repeated over and over as if to make you believe that there is something so terribly wrong with oneself,” she said.

Noting that she received several comments about her weight, Chynna said that while she appreciates the concern over her health, people should be “mindful in the intention… because people have scars and we do not want to add on it.”

“I am 38 years old, straddling the 89-90 lbs. mark because I have decided to listen to my body and let food be thy medicine. My dream is to continue to be a force of a woman to my children, husband & all humans that I will be blessed to cross paths with. So I want to heal myself to be able to heal other people as well. Thank you to those who are kind enough to ask me how I am. All is well,” she wrote.

Banner photo from Instagram/Chynna Ortaleza