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Best Sidelines: Making Money on the Side

By Adam Laurena Published Sep 09, 2022 12:00 pm

The pandemic marked a major turning point on the definition of salary and expenses. Adding pressure to the already high cost of living, the pandemic necessitated additional expense items in each family’s monthly budget. Because of the virus, each family had to allocate additional funds for vitamins, alcohols, face masks and other protective equipment to keep the virus at bay. Afterall, prevention is better than getting sick. People who lost jobs or had been put on furlough had to get creative to make ends meet. Side hustles became a norm during this period.

Known for their resiliency and enterprising nature as Filipinos, some of the side hustles actually grew to be more profitable than the typical nine-to-five day jobs. This made people realize that having multiple sources of income is possible and is probably essential to modern day’s survival. It not only broadens the financial safety net, but it also provides an additional income stream to help support the dream lifestyle that each Filipino deserves.

Here are some of the side hustles to help you make more money during your spare time:

  • Administrative Tasks. After work hours, you can earn extra money by performing administrative tasks like answering emails and booking appointments for clients, particularly those based in overseas markets. Becoming a virtual assistant allows you to utilize idle time that would have otherwise be spent doing unproductive things. It also allows you to broaden your network and meet different kinds of people – which may be fundamental to future business opportunities.
  • Running Errands and Delivering Supplies. If you can’t commit to a fixed schedule but have under-utilized assets such as a car or a motorcycle, you can put them to good use and offer delivery services to people. This is one of the growing trends in side hustles.
  • Selling Unused Items. Enter your room and look around. You might spot some things that are just on display and you have absolutely no use. Why not turn into profit? Take a picture of the item you have not used in a while and post it in one of many online selling platforms. Who knows? It might be of use to other people out there, and it might give you some extra profit!
  • Community Resellers. Is being an entrepreneur one of your passions? Turn up your entrepreneurial drive by joining a community reseller program. Partner with distribution companies and help them resell their products. Impress companies with your marketing skills and slowly grow the reselling business to cover more communities. One of the companies that grew prominence during the pandemic was NutriAlternatives Corporation – a health and wellness company known in the market for their natural food supplements.

Get the opportunity to promote good health to your friends and community by distributing Nutri products such as Nutri Tawa-Tawa (for dengue and COVID-19 patients), Nutri ImmunoBoost (for the immune system), Nutri Insulin Plant (for diabetes patients), and Nutri HeartPlus (for cardio patients), which are all FDA-approved supplements made from organic, all-natural ingredients.

By joining the reseller program, you receive a free product orientation, marketing support and access to a sales training system that is customized to help you become a better entrepreneur. This reseller program makes it very much suitable even for first-time entrepreneurs. All that is needed is the willingness to learn and the determination to sell.

Being part of the Nutri reseller program has its perks. Resellers earn as much as 50% income with additional incentive rewards for each successful sale. Alternatively, incentive rewards can also be earned by recruiting new members to the organization. Resellers who do well are offered incentives that can be exchanged for mobile phones, cars, laptops, and travel packages. A very good deal for something you do on the side.

Looking back, these opportunities are indeed blessings in disguise. They have helped countless others during one of the most difficult periods in financial history. While a regular day job offers a semblance of job security, it is with what you do on your spare time that defines your future success. If you are serious in trying the path of entrepreneurship, join NutriAlternatives’ reseller program. Contact 0917 716 8874 or (02) 7004 1665 to make an appointment for the next available orientation. Alternatively,  email [email protected] to request for a product catalog.

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