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GUIDE: Here's what you need to know in applying for a PWD ID

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Nov 02, 2022 4:31 pm

Just like what Remy from Ratatouille said: The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.

Though we surely don't want it to happen, there are certain accidents that may happen to you that will leave you with disabilities that could burden you in your day-to-day life.

Should that happen, you can opt to apply for a Person With Disability Identification Card (PWD ID), which you can use to avail of discounts and other benefits as mandated by the law.

If you're not sure whether you're qualified and how you can get one, here is a guide on how to apply for the card:

Who is eligible?

Before applying for a PWD ID, you should first know whether you truly are qualified to get one. Just because you sprained your foot from playing sports or broke your arm because you fell off the stairs does not automatically make you qualified.

Republic Act (RA) 10754 defined persons with disability as those who "have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others".

According to an Administrative Order issued by the Department of Health, they consider the following categories of disabilities as eligible for a PWD ID:

  • Disabilities caused by chronic illnesses - these refer to those whose chronic illnesses have worsened over time and have led to permanent damage to their body, such as vision loss from diabetes or limb amputation because of sepsis
  • Those who are deaf and have hearing problems
  • Those who are blind or have vision impairment
  • Those who are having trouble with their speech and language
  • Those who have orthopedic and physical disabilities such as losing function of your limbs
  • Intellectual and learning disabilities- these refer to those who have trouble understanding new information and learning new skills.
  • Mental and psychosocial disabilities- these refer to those who are suffering from mental illnesses such as down syndrome, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia

Aside from these, Section 25 of the National Integrated Cancer Control Act further adds that cancer patients and survivors are now considered as persons with disability.


Since having these disabilities can hinder you from living a life free from burdens, you are entitled to various privileges and perks to help you in your day-to-day activities through the PWD ID.

Sample PWD ID.

Here are some of the notable benefits that you can receive as mandated by RA 7277:

  • At least 20 percent discount from hotels, restaurants, recreation centers, and other similar establishments, as well as in theaters, concert halls, circuses, carnivals and other leisure places
  • At least 20 percent discount for medicines in all drugstores, as well as medical and dental services such as x-rays and blood tests in all government facilities
  • At least 20 percent discount for traveling domestically via air or sea
  • At least 20 percent discount for transport fares in public railways, skyways and buses
  • Educational assistance in primary, secondary, tertiary, post tertiary levels as well as vocational or technical education in both public and private schools, through the provision of scholarships, grants, financial aids, subsidies, and other incentives
Benefits and Privileges of PWD cardholders.

How to apply

If you're certain that you're qualified to getting a PWD ID, here's what you need to know in applying for one.

You need to have the following requirements ready:

  • Two 1×1 recent ID pictures with the names and signatures or thumb marks at the back of the picture
  • One valid government ID or barangay clearance or certification. The ID does not have to be a voter's certificate as any valid ID is accepted
  • Proof that you have a disability, which can come in the form of a disability certificate, a medical certificate, or a school assessment

Once you have these items ready, you can either apply for a PWD through a walk-in or an online application.

For walk-ins, you must head towards the nearest municipal or city Social Welfare Development Office in your area and submit your requirements along with the accomplished application form.

For the online method, you must fill out the application form, which you can access here. After filling out your information, you must then click the "Add" button and review your details. If you see that you made a mistake, don't panic as you can still edit the form.

Once you have finalized everything, you can click the "Confirm" button and you will receive a message stating that the submission was a success. However, it's not over yet as you still need to go to the Social Welfare Development Office to submit your documentary requirements.

In case you cannot go to apply yourself, the office allows your guardian or caretaker to complete the application as long as they have an authorization letter.

Validity of a PWD ID

According to the National Council on Disability Affairs, the PWD ID is valid for only five years, and you must renew it after it expires. While the initial PWD ID is free of charge, you must now pay a minimal fee for renewal due to expiration, damage, or loss of card.

To renew your ID, you must go through the same application process and prepare the documentary requirements, including the original and photocopy of your expired ID.