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Slater Young apologizes for saying it's 'very, very normal' for taken men to fantasize about other women

By NICK GARCIA Published May 16, 2023 9:48 am

Filipino television personality Slater Young has apologized over his remarks that it's "very, very normal" for men to fantasize about other women even if they're already in a relationship.

In the May 15 episode of skypodcast with his wife, content creator Kryz Uy, Young opened up on how he felt when they stumbled upon social media posts and news articles about what he said about women, which has since earned the ire of many netizens.

"When I read the articles, I don't feel angry," he said. "I feel ashamed na parang naqu-quote ako nang ganyan and parang, 'Ah, this is not me and I wish I could take it back.'"

In speaking up only days after the criticisms, Young said that in situations like this, sometimes one thinks they did something okay, and it takes "a little while" for them to realize they're wrong.

"And I finally realized na, 'Oh my God, I really made a mistake,' because I'm giving it power na, to say it's okay," Young said of his earlier remarks.

Looking back, Young said he should have used the time to warn against the objectification of women.

"I should've called it out na parang, 'Ah it happens, but this isn't okay, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard," he said.

"The last thing in my mind and my heart would be to objectify women."

In the May 11 episode of skypodcast, an anonymous listener told the couple that her boyfriend is part of a group chat in which he and his friends talk about women with big butts and breasts and joke about "f—king with certain girls."

The listener said they debate about it every now and then, only to call her "isip-bata" and "crazy."

In response, Young appears to have taken the boyfriend's side, saying he's "being absolutely honest" and that such kind of group chats are "very, very normal."

As an example, he said that in a group chat of 10 people, there may be two or three members who'd send out such material. "Siyempre ikaw, as part of that group, sakyan mo lang," he noted. "Wala naman, hindi mo naman gusto talaga."

He said he and Uy also tend to talk about how handsome or pretty one can be. “Kryz and I talk about that. It’s normal. ‘Oh, do you find her attractive?’ It’s just a fact of life that there are many other women more attractive than you.”

The couple advised the listener to stop making her worries "a big issue," as long as her boyfriend didn't do anything wrong.