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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bling Empire’s’ Anna Shay spent $1 million in 35 minutes, according to Fil-Am showrunner Brandon Panaligan

By Camille Santiago Published Feb 05, 2021 4:46 am

She’s rich, she’s unbothered, and she’s a “queen.” That’s Anna Shay.

Throughout the first season of Bling Empire, we witnessed the heiress spend waaay more than most of us could in years. But eight episodes of Anna Shay is not enough, to say the least. Viewers want more!

Luckily, PhilSTAR L!fe had a chance to chat with Bling Empire’s executive producer Brandon Panaligan, who revealed a very interesting tidbit about Anna Shay that happened behind-the-scenes. 

“One moment that comes to mind that's kind of surprising is when Anna [Shay] spent $1 million on cars because she needed to buy a car,” the Fil-Am showrunner said. 

This scene wasn’t aired but Brandon spilled that Anna bought herself three “very very very fancy Mercedes” cars in one go: one for her son and two for herself.

“Never in my life have I seen [anything like it]. It happened very fast. You’d think that a transaction like that might take a week or a month. No, it took about 35 minutes!” Brandon recalled saying, “It was like, show up and ‘The blue one, the silver one, the gray one. Take ‘em all!’ That was definitely something that was surprising.”

But Anna doesn’t just buy things for herself, as we learned from the show, she’s a very, very giving friend—she flies her friends to Paris for their birthdays, she buys them diamonds, spoils them with Dior, and gives zero f*cks.

In a separate interview with Bling Empire cast member Cherie Chan, she told PhilSTAR L!fe that Anna is very much fond of her daughter Jadore and would shower her with gifts.

“Anna really loves Jadore and she always wants to have playdates with Jadore. We try to plan it, but Anna’s a very busy lady, you know, she’s a queen.”

If you would recall, Jadore was seen playing with Anna and her diamonds. “Treasures. She found treasures,” Anna said in the episode.

Cherie said, “She is so giving. Everytime she sees Jadore, she gives her something, and I’m like, “Anna, no. Don’t. We’re just happy being with you. Don’t give her anything. Very kind lady, very motherly.”

Regardless of her wealth, Anna remains one of the most down-to-earth and free-spirited individuals in the show, providing motherly love to her cast members (well, except for Christine Chiu!) and giving them the best advices we could all use—just like this one: “Don’t be impressed by things. I don’t get impressed by things, but by people and who they are.”

Photos courtesy of Brandon Panaligan