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It's time to build your own period preparedness kit

By Mariel Abanes Published Mar 15, 2021 9:47 pm

Menstruation. This change that's naturally embedded in the female genes is both beautiful and a pain (literally, in some days!). Once girls hit puberty, Aunt Flo will be there for her regular visits—a mark of a lady’s blossoming, if you will.

For most (or, let’s admit it—all of us), period days give quite an unpleasant time. Whether you fall under the “lucky” ones with shorter menstrual periods or the struggle of heavy or irregular flow experience, being ready with your period arsenal could work wonders for your comfort and relief. Red days are inevitable, sure, but you can get yourself covered (pun intended).

Embrace your womanhood—menstruation days and all—by fixing your own period kit! Packing this in your bag, or even keeping one at home, saves you from those unexpected "visits," wherever you may be. And no, it doesn’t just stop with your trusty pad—it’s time to grab a few of these other essentials, too!

A pretty and roomy pouch

First things first, we need a nice pouch to put all our period essentials in! Recycle one from your collection or get a new one that’s sturdy and sizable. Better if it’s waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about getting it soaked when you go to the restroom.

Menstrual pads

Consider your flow and how active you are when choosing a pad for you. While regular pads can do the job well, using thinner pads that feel like you’re not wearing anything, like sanitary napkin brands Jeunesse and Kotex, make all the difference! Another great alternative for eco-conscious ladies are washable cloth pads that you can use over and over, like the barely-there (and totally cute!) cotton pads from Ka Nami Pasador and Aunt Flo.

Feminine wipes and a pack of tissue.

Never, ever forget wipes and/or tissues in your period kit! Not only does it keep you clean and comfortable during red days, it also lessens bacteria and odor build up down there.


Wear your girl scout badge proudly on your sleeve by stuffing thin but dependable liners in your bag, especially during those days towards the end of your period. It keeps you from staining your clothes and maintains freshness all day.

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Tampons/Menstrual cup/Period underwear

Tired of pads? Options abound! Tampons reduce the risk of skin irritation and are easily available in drugstores. The menstrual cup, on the other hand, can be a little intimidating, but this "green" substitute is actually easy to use and can last you a long time! If you’re clueless on where to get affordable yet efficient cups, try Sinaya Cup and Haliya Cup. Or if you want a hardly noticeable choice, period panties could be your next bestfriend. We recommend Barebone and HER Belle & Beauty, which carry great selections for you, ladies!

Period medication

It can’t be helped—dysmenorrhea is part of our lady becoming. So when it strikes, it always helps to be prepared with pain medication on your stash. Over-the-counter painkillers specifically made for periods, like Buscopan Venus, can ease the ache (and worries) away.

Alcohol or sanitizer

As women, sanitary is our utmost priority. Even without the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer is important, especially if you use a public restroom.

Dark chocolate

This snack is good to munch on during your period! It contains high levels of iron and magnesium. which reduces severe PMS symptoms. It also boosts serotonin or your happy hormones, which keeps your mood in check. So give in and offer yourself a treat!