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Mom and son win lottery jackpot thrice in three weeks using the same set of numbers

By Melanie Uson Published Apr 19, 2023 5:17 pm

For most people, winning the lottery is an impossible dream, but this family in Massachusetts just made the impossible come true by winning the jackpot prize thrice.

Tricia Johnson, a waitress in a local sports bar in East Falmouth tried her luck in the lottery with her usual Keno numbers using the tips she earned on a casual day on March 22.

She had the surprise of her life when she won the jackpot prize of $100,000 (over P5 million) or $71,000 after taxes.  

“I thought someone was messing with me,” the 59-year-old waiter said in an interview with WBZ-TV News. “I thought I was looking at the wrong thing.” 

Also working as a school bus driver for kids with special needs, Tricia tried her luck once again after clocking out on April 10. And lo and behold, she won the same worth of jackpot once again. 

“It was crazy, just crazy,” she uttered, bewildered and amused with her second win. “It was lightning struck twice.” 

Excited and dumbfounded by the news, Tricia shared how he hurriedly woke her husband up to confirm if she really won the lottery. "I woke my husband up and made him come out and confirm that I was really looking at what I was looking at," she said.

"She was a celeb before the money," says her regular customer. "Now that she's won, the sky's the limit." 

Not letting go of his mom’s luck, John didn’t waste time. He bet the same set of numbers on the same day, April 10, to which he also won the jackpot prize.

According to the CBS News report, he promptly bought a Jeep from the jackpot money. 

"We just laughed and cried and hugged," says Tricia. "It was incredible." 

Hitting the $140,000 (about P8 million) worth of prize, Tricia couldn’t be more grateful as they don’t have to worry much about paying the bills at home, including her disabled husband's needs. 

"It takes a little of the burden off," she told WBZ-TV News. 

However, Tricia said she would no longer bet when asked if she would try her luck again for the fourth time. 

“I can probably stop playing them now," she said. "Because I'm sure it won't happen again."