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UP organization to conduct 'large-scale rectification efforts' after alleged hazing through extreme dares goes viral

By NICK GARCIA Published Oct 18, 2023 11:40 am Updated Oct 19, 2023 10:07 am

A student organization from the University of the Philippines (UP) vowed to conduct "large-scale rectification efforts and immediate internal investigations" after its alleged hazing in the form of extreme dares—including sexual acts—went viral.

In a statement on Oct. 17, the UP Junior Marketing Association (JMA) said its advocacy of championing safe spaces "stands at odds" with its list of dares recently circulating on X (Twitter) and Reddit.

"UP JMA commits itself to campaigning for the rights, needs, and welfare of women and the LGBTQ+ community," it said, "but we understand how previous iterations of the internal committee wars dares compromise this commitment."

"We sincerely apologize for the nature of these dares, and how it has jeopardized the integrity of the safe spaces we work hard to foster within and outside the organization," it added.

X user @hannahgagalac shared a screenshot of the alleged 50 dares, which should be shot as photos and videos.

"[VIDEO] Rub someone off in your committee until they get hard (boner should be seen)," one of the items read.

Other dares asked applicants to "finish a whole bottle of 700mL Gin Bilog" and "must walk 5 steps straight forward"; "ride beside the Ikot jeepney driver an sing to him the chorus of Smooth Operator by Sade"; "Momol (make out with) the head of a raw fish for 15 seconds"; "Back Hug your grandmother/mother then grab her boobs from behind"; "and Shout 'nyenyenyenyenye' for at least 15 seconds to an MMDA officer in Katipunan."

The UP JMA explained the dares are part of its "internal committee wars" which take place every May.

It said applicants and members alike "were not and will never be required to participate in the dares."

"Steps were made to ensure that consent is given at every level, and both the completion and non-completion of the dares have zero bearing on applicant’s grades," it said.

The UP JMA vowed to review, reevaluate, and reform its internal traditions "alongside the other member welfare and disciplinary processes already set in place to protect our members’ and applicants’ safety."

Processes, it said, include grievance forms, sensitivity workshops, stakeholder needs assessment, support for affected members, educational discussions, and activity policy reform.

The UP JMA said it enforced the immediate suspension of the internal committee wars "upon thorough consultation with all involved stakeholders."

It also stepped down as the night handlers of the UP Fair.

"We realize the grave hypocrisy in championing the needs, rights, and welfare of women and the LGBT+ sector, all while holding an activity that is in direct opposition to everything that we stand for as an organization," the UP JMA said.

"There are no excuses for the events that transpired," it added. "However, we are resolute in our commitment to ensure that such transgressions never happen again."

In a statement released on Oct. 19, the UP Diliman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs said it's now looking into the issue, stressing that "acts that jeopardize our safe spaces are never condoned."

"Consistent with established rules and procedures, investigations are underway to determine if there were violations of university policies in the conduct of certain organizations' activities that might have compromised the safety and security of students and other members of the UPD community," it added.