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A Chinese woman travels to Japan to be with her husband using twin's passport and identity

By Jhon Dave Cusipag Published Jul 11, 2022 6:08 pm

A woman was reportedly arrested by local enforcement authority in Harbin, China, after she allegedly traveled to Japan to meet her husband while using the identity and passport of her twin sister.  

The woman, identified as Zhou Mouhong and married to a Japanese man, has applied for visas at the local Japanese embassy but was turned down several times due to not meeting requirements, reported the South China Morning Post.  

This prompted Zhou Mouhong to use a false identity while visiting her husband in Japan by using her twin sister Zhou Mouwei's passport, who has an approved and valid visa.

The local police then learned that both Zhou Mouhong and Zhou Mouwei had already been practicing exchanging passports and switching identities with each other since the beginning of 2022. The local police also took Zhou Mouwei into custody. 

The outlet said that Zhou Mouhong had already traveled at least 30 times between China, Japan, and Russia using the same strategy, while Zhou Mouwei had previously taken four trips in a row using Zhou Mouhong’s passport to travel to Thailand and other nations. 

Wang Xiaodong, a local police officer from China's immigration management department, then lectured the twin sisters on the illegality of traveling by "taking advantage of your DNA."  

“You can inquire with immigration authorities about your passport issues, but you cannot travel abroad using someone else’s passport,” said Wang.  

According to the South China Morning Post, the police are currently investigating the Zhou sisters for the crime of "disrupting the administration of the territory or border."  

In a report from Insider, the case of the twin sister has become a hot topic on China’s social media site Weebo, garnering over 360 million views in a week.