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Indonesian woman fakes death to escape P15,000 debt—report

By NICK GARCIA Published Jan 02, 2023 5:02 pm

A woman in Indonesia allegedly tried to escape debt by... pretending to be dead.

Local outlet Tribun-Medan reported that Liza Dewi Pramita owed Maya Gunawan 4.2 million Indonesian rupiah (P15,000), with Nov. 20, 2022 as due date.

When Pramita couldn't pay her loan, she reportedly asked for an extension until Dec. 6, to which Gunawan agreed.

But Pramita didn't make good on her promise, Tribun-Medan reported. A week later, or on Dec. 12, Gunawan reportedly saw the Facebook post of Pramita's daughter, saying her mother had been killed in a car crash.

The mother supposedly met her end on a bridge near their home in Medan city, according to the daughter. Pramita would supposedly be buried in Banda Aceh city, which is about 595 kilometers away from their residence.

The daughter also posted photos of her mother supposedly wrapped in a blanket while lying on a hospital stretcher, as well as Pramita wearing a shroud as her eyes are closed and as her nostrils have cotton balls.

But for some reason, Gunawan felt something was amiss. She later found out that Pramita was lying—not the being flat on one's back kind—but lying as in deception, falsehood, trickery.

The stretcher photos were only taken from Google, according to Tribun-Medan.

Gunawan aired her grievances about the incident in a now-viral Facebook post.

The daughter eventually came clean, Tribun-Medan reported, saying her mother's "dead" photos were staged in order to avoid paying the money back.

As to why Gunawan easily lent money to Pramita, she said her friends vouched for Pramita. Gunawan even told Tribun-Medan she never met Pramita in person, and only through an online group.

Though Pramita is still alive and kicking after the creative solution to her problem went wrong, she has yet to pay her debt to Gunawan and is still at large.