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RCBC at 63: Building a lasting legacy

Published Sep 29, 2023 9:30 am

One of the world’s most successful business magnates, Richard Branson, said it best: “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.”

For 63 years, the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) has achieved milestones upon milestones that brought the company to where it is now—a multi-awarded bank that remains at the forefront of digital innovation and sustainability and currently the fifth largest privately-owned domestic bank in the Philippines. More than the bank, the employees feel greater pride in being part of this success, feeling that they are part of a family’s nurturing growth. In fact, generations of loyal employees have grown and prospered with the company through these remarkable years. This loyalty extends to its customers who are also loyal to the bank.

RCBC Human Resources Group Head Rowena Subido shared that a good number of employees have stayed for long periods. The median tenure is an impressive 25 years, with over 160 employees past this milestone, and over 70 who have stayed with the bank for 30 to 35 years.

It is because of this loyalty that the bank embraces family values at the core of its culture which extends to its employees’ own families. Long-serving employees, who have not only experienced but also actively contributed to the bank's journey to success, have passed on their legacy to their children as dedicated RCBC employees.

“We take pride in having loyal employees who span generations. It’s a testament to our culture of respect, growth, and family values,” Subido said. “They are not just employees; they’re the legacy and heartbeat of our organization.”

To further foster this culture, the bank has established the Legacy Club, which exhibits the enduring employee loyalty that transcends familial generations.

Father and son bond

Manny Narciso, a professional with years of experience in finance under his belt, has been with RCBC since 2015 as group head for global transaction banking. “Working with RCBC is fulfilling because you are given the freedom to make a difference in your own way, unlike many of the other banks I’ve worked for in the past. On the more personal side, you feel that you are with a family that cares about you and your place in the organization,” he said.

Same career path with the same bank. Davy (left) happily takes on new challenges and exciting opportunities with RCBC, taking inspiration from his dad, Manny Narciso.

Seeing his passion for the bank, his son, Davy, learning and development assistant, was inspired to walk the same path. This shared career path has nurtured their relationship over the years. According to Manny, their RCBC journey together has been a staple topic in dinner table discussions and casual conversations.

Like many other second-generation employees, Davy’s dream of working for the bank started as a kid. Growing with RCBC ingrained in the family meant learning financial responsibility at a young age, and Davy believes this has prepared him well for adulthood. “My dad told me that throughout his whole career, he was happiest in RCBC. At home, he’s vocal about how he not only enjoys his work but also enjoys being around his co-workers,” he shared.

In addition to his dad’s legacy, Davy has also acquired Manny’s resilience in the face of adversity, citing his father’s advice that obstacles should be seen as opportunities instead of inconveniences. “It doesn’t help you or your team to be negative during high-pressure situations. Frustration will just get in the way of getting things done, and may ruin morale,” said Davy.

A job she has come to love

RCBC’s relationship with its Legacy employees is one that stands the test of, not only professional growth but also time and innovation. Debbie Tan, Vice President and Assistant Sales Director, reflecting on her father, Dennis J. Go’s tenure with RCBC, recalls a time when there were only two branches in Cebu. Today, the province boasts 25 branches, with a total of 441 nationwide.

Passing the torch, shaping her own future. Debbie Go (top photo) proudly celebrates her 21 years with RCBC, following her father Dennis’s footsteps, a former Area head of Metro Cebu (below photo, middle seated).

“I've witnessed RCBC's remarkable resilience, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. RCBC was quick to enhance financial accessibility through its digital platform, eliminating the need for clients to visit branches for their banking needs. Even now, it continues to evolve and strengthen its digital presence,” she said.

It is this resilience that Debbie is taking with her now that she is part of RCBC. If there is one valuable advice that her father gave her, it is to stay cool under pressure. “Stay on the path no matter the trials and hardships that may come my way,” she added. Indeed, Debbie is taking this to heart. It helps that she finds her colleagues a joy to work with, making her love her work so much that she actually looks forward to a working day.

“Every day, you wake up looking forward to going to work. The camaraderie makes my load lighter and gives me strength to move forward. In RCBC, you feel at home. I hope that my passion and commitment to my job will be able to inspire my kids and future generations to follow my footsteps,” Debbie enthused.

A dream career comes true

Addressing client needs has always been RCBC’s top priority. May Luz D. Gaylo, Senior Manager District Service Head, whose parents are long-time customers of the bank, is a testament to this. Whenever her late father brought her to the nearest RCBC branch at the young age of six, she always looked at the employees with awe as they seemed so professional and accommodating.

May initially aspired to become a nurse, but several encounters with the bank made her dream of another career where people actually enjoy their work. “I could still remember how awed I was to see how the employees looked so professional and they were very happy while serving the clients. It was in those visits that I started to dream of working with RCBC, that I wanted to work with those employees,” May shared.

From being a client to being of service: May Luz Gaylo continues to put the heart in service with RCBC. May’s mom (picture on the right) remains a loyal bank client whose experience inspired her daughter to be part of the bank.

“I knew then that I wanted to work in RCBC. I even told my father that someday, I would work here. I even memorized what RCBC stands for,” she fondly recalled. Seeing how her parents spoke highly of the bank and witnessing firsthand how they received top-notch customer service made her always want to be a part of RCBC. This year, she is celebrating 19 years of working with the company.

To this day, May sees no reason to go anywhere else. Her parents may have been instrumental in her career choice, but it is also because of how she makes clients happy with her service that makes her stay—the way RCBC made her parents feel as customers of RCBC.

The bank for generations

RCBC attributes a significant portion of its success to the dedication of its exceptional employees. Beyond earning recognition as a premier bank, RCBC sees to it that it serves as the ideal place for its employees’ professional journey from the time they join until they decide to retire.

“We don’t see the employee longevity as a coincidence. Rather, we see it as a testament to our commitment to fostering a workplace where employees can thrive, grow, and make a lasting impact,” Subido added.

As RCBC inspires its employees to go for greater heights, it reaffirms its pivotal role as a trusted companion, dedicated to ensuring a prosperous future for both the bank and its devoted workforce.

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Editor’s Note: This article was provided by RCBC.