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REVIEW: Can Jollibee make chicken sandwiches as good as their Chickenjoy?

By PhilSTAR L!fe Published Nov 25, 2021 6:58 pm

Looking to try Jollibee's latest offering?

The fast-food restaurant has been coming up with new menu items to continue meeting people's changing tastes and preferences. Not long after the release of its strawberry cheese pie and hazelnut sundae, Jollibee introduced its own version of the chicken sandwich, which is made with chicken fillet, special mayo dressing, and pickles sandwiched between two brioche buns.

The new Jollibee Chick'nwich

The brand released something like this in 2011 called the "Crunchy Chicken Burger" priced at only P39 for solo orders and P72 with fries and drink. The new Chick’nwich is thrice its price—P130 for a la carte and P175 with fries and drink—but it's also significantly bigger than the aforementioned version that didn’t take long for them to pull out from their product list.

While it's undeniably bigger than the Crunchy Chicken Burger, is it worth it? Is it as good as the crowd favorite Chickenjoy? Find out in this review made by two staff members of PhilSTAR L!fe, who finally got to try the much-hyped Chick’nwich.

Order process

Brooke Villanueva, Content Producer: Jollibee sent me some samples for free. We, however, had a difficult time assigning this review to the staff members because it's still not available in some areas.

Ayie Licsi, Content Producer: I currently live in Quezon City and I had to check out a few nearby branches on GrabFood before ordering as four of the nearby outlets were out of the Chick’nwich. Delivery took a bit longer at 40 minutes because the Jollibee branch I ordered from had to call me to tell me they were out of the strawberry cheese pie I wanted to get, too.


B: There's nothing special about the packaging, but unlike their other burgers that are wrapped in paper, this one's placed in a box perhaps because of its massive size. 

A: This new offering comes in a simple cardboard box. I got the meal still warm, which was nice.

The Chick'nwich comes in a cardboard box

Portion size

B: As I mentioned earlier, the portion size is massive. The chicken fillet is much bigger than the brioche buns it came with, which makes the entire thing flavorful. 

A: Size-wise, the Chick’nwich is bigger than the Yumburger but (I think smaller) than a Champ. Usually, I eat two Yumburgers to feel satisfied but this sandwich’s portion was good enough to fill my belly.

Flavor, taste, texture, and doneness 

B: The chicken fillet is juicy and tender with an exciting crisp that goes perfectly with the brioche buns. While the dressing is good, I wouldn’t call it “special” because it tastes nearly identical to mustard. I hope they just decided to do away with the pickle, though.

A: It’s the Chickenjoy in a sandwich, basically. The chicken was crispy and juicy, however, there were some bits of the chicken that were undercooked which was disappointing. The bun was nice, warm, and wasn’t squished—it was different from what you’d usually see on a Yumburger. I wished there was something else in the sandwich like lettuce besides the chicken, pickles (which I removed), and sauce. As someone who loves spicy flavors, I wish the chicken had some kick to it, too.

It's amped up with "special mayo dressing"

Overall verdict

B: I give it 3/5 stars. I would definitely eat it again, but if I were to choose between this and my go-to C3 order (Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti with drink), which is cheaper yet equally filling, I would pick the latter.

A: I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything special with the Chick’nwich. A burger worth P143 (on GrabFood) should have something else in it aside from pickles.

The new offering also has a dill pickle slice.