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5 ways to prepare your condo for a typhoon

By Arielle Yapchiongco Published Aug 31, 2022 7:46 pm

Have you made sure that your condo unit is safe and secured this rainy season? 

The rainy season in the Philippines can be unforgiving, and condo unit owners are not exempted from the stressful and costly damages that a typhoon can bring. The best way to avoid these unfortunate circumstances is to have proper management and preparedness. 

Need ideas? Here are some ways to prepare your condo for a typhoon, according to the Office of Civil Defense and the Department of Science and Technology

Ensure your unit is free of leakages


If you don’t want puddles to build up on your floor and leaks to ruin your walls and furniture, make sure to check for any plumbing problems around your condo unit. Unchecked leakages can become worse during a typhoon and can cost you more money to have the damages repaired.  

A lot of warning signs can be attributed to leakages, which you can look out for and take as a sign to contact your local plumber and get them fixed. According to California-based plumbing service Simply Green Plumbing, signs of serious leaks may include unusually high water bills, low water pressure, and mold growth. 

If you’re in need of plumbing service, local service provider Husai has a dedicated website that lets you book a selection of home improvement services around Metro Manila. By going to, you can book an appointment for their plumbing services, which will get your faucets, sinks, and leakages checked by a professional. 

Check your electrical system 

During a typhoon, electrical problems and power outages are likely to occur. Make sure to check your condo for burning electrical wires and faulty sockets that are vulnerable to water. Should the power go out during a typhoon, it would be best to switch your lights off and unplug electronic appliances to avoid damaging or overloading their circuits. 

Burnt wires are the leading causes of an unexpected house fire, which is all the more reason for you to look out for them. If you find yourself concerned with your condo’s electrical system, you can contact a local electrical company that can look into your electrical problems, such as By heading to Teko's website, you can book a service with one of their electricians for P385. 

Equip your windows with storm or rolling shutters 

Strong wind from super typhoons can be a threat to unprotected windows, especially thin ones that are not built to withstand pressure. A good way to prevent your windows from shattering against the typhoon's violent wind and the force of flying debris is to call a professional to install storm shutters over your windows. 

Storm or rolling shutters like that of Shutterz Philippines will save you from the expense of repairing a broken window. You can contact request them to install some in your unit via landline (8285-3606), mobile (+63919-0088-123 or +63915-2341-008), or e-mail (i[email protected]).

Save a contact list of emergency hotlines on your phone 

Even if you have your entire condo damage-proof from the typhoon, there may still be unforeseen circumstances that you can come across. Keep a contact list of your families to know about their current situation and update them with yours.

You may also add the numbers of your workplace and your children’s school, along with important emergency hotlines of local agencies, which you can check on the website of the Emergency 911 National Office 

 Know your exit 

In case events turn sideways, being familiar with your condominium’s emergency plans can help you take the safest and most efficient way out. While keeping in touch with the news and watching out for advisories and warnings from the local authorities, make sure that you have taken note of your condominium’s emergency exits and evacuation plans which are usually installed on all floors.