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LIST: Top 6 Airbnbs in Sagada for some soul searching

By Ingrid Isabel Mendoza Published May 25, 2021 3:30 pm Updated Oct 27, 2022 2:57 pm

For the past year, we have all been cramped up in our rooms surrounded by school requirements or working from home. It has been very suffocating to not be able to leave when we want to, go wherever we want.

While we have enjoyed family time at home, it’s now become a place we want to escape. We yearn for space, peace of mind, but most of all the normalcy that seems far from reality, far from the current situation.

We want to disconnect from all the stress and reconnect with ourselves that might have been lost.

Sagada, one of the go-to tourist spots in the north, just might be the place you want to put on your list. Located in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) and 12 hours’ drive from Manila, Sagada’s a place where you can explore nature or breathe the fresh mountain air to jumpstart your life again.

Here, we have a list of cabin-type Airbnbs in Sagada that look perfect for unwinding amid the chilly weather and beautiful natural sceneries in the countryside.

1. Layad: A private room at Inandako’s BnB


Layad is a room in a bed and breakfast with a veranda that gives you the perfect view of downtown Sagada and the western mountain ranges. At P6,300 per night, you are provided with queen-sized and double beds, which can accommodate up to four guests.

Another great thing about the place? They offer the town’s famous brewed coffee—for the whole day. Coffee enthusiasts can just sit out in their veranda with a cup of coffee in hand and enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of them.

The place is also suitable for couples, as the term Layad translates to “love.” Remember, though, that love doesn’t necessarily have to be for someone else—it could also be for yourself.

Located at least 200 km. from the main road, Layad is away from all the bustle and the owner suggs that you travel light.

2. Rock Inn & Cafe

Rock Inn & Cafe 

If you’re looking to travel with friends, especially if you haven’t seen them in a long time, and you’re in dire need of “barkada-time,” Rock Inn & Café is the best place for you. It can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests with 20 bedrooms and 50 beds (P3,000 per night).

The inn has a distinct feature called “Dap-ay,” which is a formation of stone slabs in a round venue, an embodiment of the Cordilleran culture, and used in the past by their elders as a meeting place for socio-political issues and legislative functions.

In this “Dap-ay,” guests are invited to gather around a campfire where they can bond over food and drinks.

The owners promise to give their guests the “full Sagada experience” without losing that comfortable feel-at-home vibe as it is located at the edge of limestone rocks surrounded by flourishing pine trees and an orange orchard, where you can pick fresh and homegrown oranges.

Disclaimer: the signal there is infrequent, it would be good if you’re looking to take a break from social media, and just invest quality time, for the next few days with your friends (but of course you could take the occasional groupies, to capture the beauty of the place).

3. Casa del Sol: A Home Away from Home

Casa del Sol

Home doesn’t have to be so far away, because you can still feel at home in a place that provides a television, dining room, and a kitchen, where you can cook up some meals with your family.

Casa del Sol is ideal for staycations, where you can snuggle up in blankets in front of a fireplace while watching a movie or playing board games.

If you just want to spend time with your family, for a “kamustahan” or rebuilding a bond that may have been altered during the pandemic, go for it. As the writer and composer Anthony Brandt said, “Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”

The cabin will only cost you P2,500 per night, which can accommodate a family of seven as it has four bedrooms with four beds. 

4. Armiro 


When finding a place to stay, you also have to consider which one is nearest to restaurants, terminals or groceries. If you plan to stay long, you will need to stock up on supplies and familiarize yourself with the place.

Armiro, a country-style cabin, does not only seem cozy, but it is the most convenient place as it is located within the town proper. It has a nearby restaurant that serves the town’s delicious cuisine, and based on customer reviews, the hot chocolate is a must-try!

The place is priced at P2,100 per night and accommodates two guests, with one bedroom and two beds.

Perfect for a weekend get-away with your travel buddy or best friends, when you just want to take a short academic break or a leave from work. 

5. Sumaguing Cave Room: Sagada Blue Mountain Cabins

Sumaguing Cave Room

Sagada is famous for the Hanging Coffins, Echo Valley, Mt. Kiltepan Viewpoint, Kapay-aw Rice Terraces and the Sumaguing Cave. Of course, we would also like to sight-see and go on an adventure, because this is the only time we can step out of the comforts of our home. Let’s give this vacation a little bit of thrill!

Sagada Blue Mountain Cabins is only minutes away from these tourist spots and the central town proper (where you can hitch a ride if you don’t have a car).

But there is also the option to explore within their facility, as they have a pool with natural mountain spring water, a place where you can set up a bonfire, and if you’re a fan of trekking, Sagada’s Blue Soil Hills is just 45 minutes away.

The cabin costs P1,900 per night, a one-bedroom with two beds that also has a balcony facing a mountain view.

6. Gasik Room 

Gasik Room

Traveling alone is not a crime, especially if you need some “me-time” and space from everything that stresses you out.

Gasik Room is built in a log-cabin type home and overlooks the city.

You can bring a favorite book to read or meditate in the quietness of the room. The chilly air will surely relax you and make you forget the toxicity of the city. You might even find the self that you have lost during the pandemic or discover new things such as goals or new aspirations that you can bring with you as you return to the city.

It’s definitely okay to splurge (as the room is priced at P1,900 per night) especially if it’s for self-care or your own happiness.