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This café in Tokyo only welcomes stressed writers working on a deadline

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Apr 14, 2022 2:39 pm

Most of us visit cafés to relax and take some time to drink coffee. But have you ever heard of one where customers have to be stressed to enter? 

Meet the Manuscript Writing Café in Tokyo, Japan. The small café looks just like any other with its multitude of drinks and treats, but there's one catch: you have to be a stressed writer.

Per soranews24, customers have to declare that they're a writer and what kind of work they're up to before being seated. The description of being a writer extends to journalists, editors, proofreaders, storyboard writers, and anyone working on a written deadline.

Not just that, the writers have to proclaim what their goal for the day is in terms of word count and finished product. Think of them like a supervisor, but in café form. Once seated, the baristas will be ready to provide you with their WiFi passwords, charging areas, and more.

With the stay serving as an alternative co-working space, leaving isn't as easy. For customers to be permitted to leave, they have to show proof that they achieved their writing goal of the day.

If that isn't enough, you can also request baristas to regularly check on your writing progress every hour. 

Rates start at 150¥ (P62) for every 30 minutes.

In a tweet by store owner Takuya Kawai, he expounded on the hilarious exception.

"People who have not met the deadline cannot enter the "Manuscript Writing Cafe"!" Kawai wrote. "We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to maintain the tension in the store."

In a separate tweet, he shared the progress chart that can be found at the storefront. He shared that it will not be fully shown until the writer's work is completely finished. Way to put on the pressure. 

The Manuscript Writing Cafe is set to open on April 20 in Tokyo's Koenji neighborhood. Check out their website here.