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How long can you actually use an insulated tumbler before replacing it? It's way longer than you think

By JUSTINE RUTH PUNZALAN Published Jun 07, 2023 7:46 pm

If you're a coffee addict or simply want to get the right dose of H2O every day, then you know that there's no reason to let a day go by without using your trusty insulated tumbler.

In fact, this daily essential comes in handy not only when you're out for work, exercise, or brunch with friends, but more so, when you're working or lounging at home.

Tumblers and mugs have since been helping folks achieve their yearly resolutions to prioritize their health and practice a sustainable lifestyle. But did you know that like anything we use on a daily basis, this drinkware has a lifespan too?

Luckily, it's way longer than you think. Because insulated tumblers are made out of stainless steel which is more durable and less corrosive than plastic, this drinkware can last for a minimum of five years and up to 12 years max.

This, of course, depends on the quality of the steel and other materials used for your tumbler, in addition to how you use and take care of it.

If you want an insulated tumbler that would give you the most out of your investment—because let's face it, they come with a higher price—opt for ones that provide durability, safety, and the right heating and cooling function for your drinks.


Although steel is known as the strongest alloy on Earth, its strength varies on its composition. When it comes to tumblers and mugs, make sure to go for those made up of high-quality materials that are safe for food and drinks. This means it must not only be sturdy, but more so, easy to clean and sanitary.

Among those that have it is Kleen Kanteen's Rise collection. Like any of the brand's drinkware, the new collection is constructed from high-quality "18/8 food-grade stainless steel" that is made out of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This type of steel, combined with brand's chip-resistant technology, makes the drinkware resistant to stain, rust, or breakage.

Rise 10 oz. Low Ball (w/ Flip Lid) (P1,850)


In addition to being food-safe, it would be best to opt for tumblers that are versatile and wouldn't break or get damaged in extreme temperatures. 

A steel tumbler can do just that if it has a sweat-proof construction that protects the surface even in humid environments. This technology comes in handy not only for maintaining your drink's temperature but also when washing your bottle with soap and hot water regularly, as it is the recommended way to kill bacteria efficiently.

It's also one that you can find in Kleen Kanteen's Rise collection which, when combined with the drinkware's other features, would provide you with safety both in consuming your drinks and carrying them around without having to worry about spills. These features include an impact-resistant base cap, splash-proof flip-lid, plus thin and rounded lips for safe and comfortable drinking,

Heating and cooling function

Another important factor to consider in buying a tumbler that can last long is its insulation or heating and cooling function. Naturally, you would want a tumbler that can keep your drink's temperature especially when you're always on the go.

This feature varies per bottle, with some being able to keep drinks warm for seven to eight hours and cold for up to 24 hours. If you prefer a much higher performance, Kleen Kanteen's Rise collection would suit your liking, as it has a Climate Lock vacuum insulated technology that can keep your beverages hot for up to seven hours and refreshingly cool for up to 34 hours.

To make sure that your drinks are kept hot or cold for a longer period, it would be best to pour in your drink when your tumbler is at room temperature then seal it tightly to avoid air from coming in.

Rise 16 oz. Tumbler w/ Flip Lid) (P 1,950)

Bonus: elegant aesthetics

Apart from its functionality, the Klean Kanteen Rise collection is designed to be added to your flat lays for the 'Gram, with its elegant two-toned matte and mirror-polished finish aesthetics that come in six colors: Tofu (off-white), Autumn Glaze (red), Sea Spray (green), Stellar (blue), Old Gold (yellow), and Asphalt (black).

If you're looking to buy an insulated tumbler that ticks all your boxes, then join PhilSTAR L!fe Instagram raffle where you can have a Kleen Kanteen 10 oz Rise Lowball tumbler for free! Head to the L!fe’s official Instagram page and check out the mechanics to join. The raffle runs until Friday, June 9.