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Want to spice up your sex life? Here’s how feng shui can help

By Ching M. Alano, The Philippine STAR Published Feb 08, 2021 3:31 am

Has your marriage gone from bed to worse? Are you stuck in a sexless marriage? How do you keep your spouse from straying from the marital bed? How do you keep the music playing or the flame burning in your relationship? How can you make your house a happy home? 

To get the answers to these questions and more, you’d likely head out the door to your psychiatrist or marriage counselor.

But did you know that you could save yourself a trip to the shrink by following some time-tested feng shui home remedies/cures to bring in good vibes?

Location, location, location!

Locate the bedroom in the southwest part of the house.

For Year of the Ox, feng shui queen Marites Allen prescribes, “For love in the bedroom, you have to look after the southwest because it’s the location for love and marriage in 2021. I’d advise couples to locate their bedroom in the southwest part of the house.”

In the Year of the Metal Ox 2021, the lucky sectors of the home are the south (victory star), center (heavenly star), east (romance, travel star), west (wealth star), northeast (prosperity star). Steer clear of the southeast for there lurks the misfortune star. 

“Marriage is meant to be a loving and harmonious two-party arrangement between a husband and a wife,” Marites declares. “That, of course, is the ideal scenario. However, in the real world, many relationships are in a crisis today because of many stressors, such as money issues, parenting styles, and perhaps the most painful of all—infidelity.”

Surely, marriage ain’t a bed of bliss; there are bound to be blisters. 

Marites shares this scenario, “If your union is at risk for third-party intrusion, there is no iron-clad solution other than perhaps the resolve of the wandering partner to remain faithful and committed. On the other hand, feng shui may be able to help save and bring back those loving feelings.”

And so to bed

Do not put a water feature inside the bedroom.

Marites dishes out these feng shui prescriptions for a happy love/sex life:

Put an amethyst geode (hollow spherical rock) tied with a red string under the marital bed. Tie the red string to one of the legs of the bed, preferably on the left side.

Never put a mirror inside the bedroom, especially one that faces the bed as it represents a third presence in the room. Also, no TV and no radio, loud noise, and other distractions; put soothing, romance-inducing chimes instead.

Do not put a water feature inside the bedroom and also on the right side of your main door (from the inside looking out).

Display peony, Mandarin ducks, dragon and phoenix symbols or heart shapes in the southwest of your bedroom.

Use fire-element colors in the interior design of your bedroom. Fire-engine red, screaming orange, shocking pink or glowing yellow are some colors believed to enhance and keep the love lights burning ever so brightly.

Go ahead and get fresh, but avoid having too many fresh flowers in the bedroom. Dispose of them when they dry out or wilt so your love will remain forever fresh. But of course, do not put cactus or any prickly plant in the bedroom. Certainly, you don’t want to be in a prickly disposition (irritable) or prickly situation (troublesome), do you? 

Living room

Now, let’s backtrack and visit the living room, the heart of the home. Did you know that there was a time when the living room was called the death room? In 1918, when influenza was widespread and you could smell death everywhere, the dead bodies were kept in the front room of the house for mourning before the burial. 

The term “living room” was coined in the mid-19th century to mean a space where the general social activities of a family are performed. Also, where guests are entertained.

The idea of feng shui is you have to move things around. Except for the kitchen, you can move around your living and dining rooms (above and below), you can swap them.

“Because of its vital role, the living room must be utilized, it must be lived in,” says Marites. “Some people with huge houses use the living room only as a showroom. Utilize space in accordance with the use of the space. For instance, the living room is for the family to get together. Don’t use it for display only; identify the time in a day that you will use it. You can make it like a reading room or a place where you can talk with the kids, where you have a set time for catching up, watching a movie, etc.” 

But Marites is quick to point out, “If your living room is in a bad sector for 2021, minimize your activities there. It’s all about the directions. You have to know the locations of your living room, dining room, etc. You can see how beautiful the entrance is if your main door is located in the south. However, if your back is located in the north, where the illness star is and where the mother or the father may be sleeping, I recommend that they be moved.” 

She adds, “The idea of feng shui is you have to move things around. Except for the kitchen, which is non-negotiable, you can move around your living and dining rooms, you can swap them. Because everyone is working from home, you can utilize one of the areas there.” 

The kitchen, a belly good place to bond

If the living room is the heart of the home, the kitchen is most certainly the belly of the home.

“It’s where my family spends so much time together, it’s our special space for bonding,” says this supermom of four. “We have this agreement: Nobody can use the cell phone between 6 and 9 p.m., when we’re cooking, eating dinner, and then watching another round of Harry Potter. Because if we don’t do that, we’ll end up just saying hello and goodbye every day, before starting another day.”

Organize the flow of your kitchen.

The kitchen as the family’s comfort zone? “It can be, if it’s nice and wide, and organized,” Marites describes. “It’s all about organization or the flow.”

That safe haven extends to the dining room, where families not only share food but also create heartwarming memories together around the table, be it ever so humble.

To enhance luck in the kitchen, Marites suggests you put a mirror. “Especially if it’s reflected on the table where you eat, it could double up the food that you put on the table.”

Feng shui aside, for this devoted mom, a lucky home is one that’s full of love and laughter. 

Visit Maritess Allen’s website here.