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Our favorite K-pop songs of October 2021: TWICE, Seventeen, Aespa, Enhypen, and more

By Hannah Mallorca Published Nov 05, 2021 8:33 pm

Can someone bring me back to October 2021? It was an unforgettable month filled with tracks from various genres.

Female soloists IU, Ailee, and Jeon Somi flaunted their charms, showing more upgraded versions of themselves. Former IZ*ONE member Jo Yuri also made her much-awaited debut which feels reminiscent of a classic fairy tale.

Of course, it’s hard to miss out on TWICE, Aespa, Seventeen, NCT 127, and Enhypen’s comebacks. K-pop stans were indeed well fed during the spooky month. 

So, in no particular order, these 13 tracks are my favorites from October. This was a hard list to make because there were a lot of fun releases for the month.

The Feels by TWICE

You can always trust TWICE to bring something new to the table with The Feels. It’s a solid track that masterfully combines the girl group’s past and present concepts in a retro bop. Listening to the song feels like sipping a satisfying caramel macchiato that hits all the right spots. 

Lucid Dream by Aespa

Lucid Dream is a sign that Aespa should sing more R&B. With the girl group’s vocals, it’s no doubt they can take on this song with ease. Their first mini-album has been a bop, but this track is my favorite. Finding out that Hayley Kiyoko worked on it is the ultimate cherry on top.

Vivace by LIGHTSUM

A rookie group’s first comeback is crucial since it indicates their path in the oversaturated K-pop industry. Luckily, Vivace is a sign that Lightsum is heading in the right direction. This girl group should definitely do more fairy tale concepts. 

Express Moon by Jo Yuri

Seeing Jo Yuri make her solo debut makes me emotional as a WIZ*ONE. Thankfully, Express Moon is the track that I’ve been waiting to hear from her. This relaxing song makes me want to bury my head under the covers and have a peaceful sleep. It also sends a message that she’s ready to be the next K-drama OST queen.

Snake by Medusa (Girls Planet 999)

Korean survival shows always have their token girl crush songs like Rumor and Fingertips. Snake is the newest addition on the list. The track is more mysterious compared to their previous counterparts as it slowly lures listeners in. Then it goes out with a bang in its final moments. 

Upper Side Dreamin’ by Enhypen

A midsummer night's dream, my dream.” Electro-funk track Upper Side Dreamin’ features an addictive hook that brings listeners to dreamland. Perhaps, this track is a sign that I need to stan Enhypen for good. 

Midnight by Chancellor and Gaeko

Midnight brings me back to my childhood where my parents used to blast funky disco-inspired songs all day. Aside from its nostalgic melody, this feel-good track builds until its final moments without being too overwhelming. Seriously, this song is a must-listen.

Siren by CL

We were beautiful, we had the world, that’s right. Remember the day we had and that night? Who’s gonna love you like that?” Who knew the “Baddest Female” CL can slay a sad-girl anthem? Siren is a track that needs to be on your “I want to feel sad for no reason” playlist.

Crush by Seventeen

Is Seventeen trying to challenge my inner fangirl with this song? Because it’s working. Crush feels like a homage to old-school K-pop with its catchy beat and electrifying vocal performance. If this track is not a reminder to stan this boy group, then I advise you to have this track on repeat 24/7.

My Lips by Ailee

My Lips is a surprise from Ailee since she’s known for her powerful belts. This jazz-inspired track is sexy, and you can feel that this sassy soloist had fun with this track.

Watermelon by Jeon Somi

The Black Label, Somi’s entertainment agency, should give this talented soloist more opportunities to show off her range as a vocalist. She has the makings of a female superstar who can blend into various genres and Watermelon is strong evidence.

Strawberry Moon by IU

From end to end, and up and down this infinity. With a broken gate, we will leave for a journey in the air.” Trust IU to release a wholesome track that doesn’t sound annoyingly positive. Strawberry Moon is a song that makes you feel hopeful, no matter how tough the journey seems. 

Favorite (Vampire) by NCT 127

NCT 127 just keeps on getting better with their music—and Favorite (Vampire) is one of their best title tracks so far. This song feels like a homage to the popular YA series Twilight, combined with the group’s R&B and Hip Hop genres. Plus, Taeil, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, and Haechan’s voices stood out.