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Twitter is rolling out ‘Trusted Friends’ feature à la Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Jul 02, 2021 9:08 pm

Tweeting freely just got a whole lot easier, as the text-based social media site Twitter is set to introduce a “Trusted Friends” feature.

The add-on will be similar to the Close Friends feature on Instagram Stories, with certain Tweets only being seen and interacted with by only a select number of people that the users choose.

Aside from Trusted Friends, Twitter is also planning to introduce “Facets.” a new way to categorize tweets. Categories can range from work Tweets, personal Tweets, to even hobbies and phases of one's life—much like Instagram Highlights.

Though people are already separating their personal accounts from their work accounts, these new rollouts could make that possible from a single account. 

Meanwhile, the new proposals come after the debut of Twitter's Tip Jar and Super Follow feature for users to potentially monetize their accounts.

Twitter has yet to announce just when the new features will be rolled out, as they're still in the early development stages.