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Here's what you can expect from 'Tower of Fantasy', the newest open world RPG

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Aug 05, 2022 2:07 pm

There's nothing quite like immersing yourself in a game where you explore vast landscapes and gorgeous sceneries that will leave you staring at your phone in a moment of awe.

If you're on the lookout for a new game with an anime aesthetic to keep you occupied this rainy season, you may want to watch out for Tower of Fantasy, the newest open world role-playing game on the block.

With its sci-fi setting and post-apocalyptic story, the game is contains an abundance of out-of-this-world surroundings as well as unique character designs and action-packed gameplay. Here's what you can look forward to in Tower of Fantasy.

Futuristic Waifus and Husbandos

A gacha game just isn't complete without a pool of waifus and husbandos who could effortlessly capture your heart. Tower of Fantasy lets you engage in an in-depth character customization that can make your character look like yourself or someone completely different.

Not only that, but Tower of Fantasy is offering a new choice where you have to exert effort on both characters and weapons separately. Whenever you get a new weapon for your character, you will also get the signature character skin of whoever wields it.

Exotic Worlds

Tower of Fantasy is set on the planet of Aida, where you'll get to fight through ruins and face off against bosses with your group of friends or as a single player. As with most open world games, Tower of Fantasy has a vast map filled with uncharted areas to explore and all sorts of alien flora and fauna to encounter.

Because of its post-apocalyptic story, the areas ooze with a futuristic vibe that will satisfy all the sci-fi lovers out there. You'll also get to use a multitude of vehicles to traverse the unfamiliar lands, from high tech gliders to Tron-like motorcycles and hoverboards.

A Story of War and Conflict

It's not amiss to say that video games are made better if they are woven with a gripping storyline. In Tower of Fantasy, the premise rests on the three warring factions in the world of Aida: Hykros, Heirs of Aida, and the Hyenas. The cause of their ongoing war is because of a precious resource called Omnium.

Each of the factions have conflicting goals and desires, with the Hykros believing that Omnium will bring them to a promising future, the Heirs of Aida wanting to fight against the resource because of their belief that it will lead to the world's destruction, and the Hyenas being scavengers who are relishing in the ongoing chaos around the planet.

You can choose which group to side with.

Engage in a Battle Royale

Tower of Fantasy boasts itself as a game that focuses on multiplayer situations and bosses. However, it seems that you won't just get to collaborate with other players, but you also get to clash against them as the game is offering a "Battle Royale" mode.

In case you're unfamiliar, a battle royale a fight consisting of a large number of combatants, where only the last fighter standing can be declared as the winner. While no further details regarding this mode has been finalized, it is a feature that can be looked forward to especially with the far-reaching map and different vehicles at your disposal that the game promises.

Developed by Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, the game is set to be released globally on August 10 for PC and mobile platforms in eight languages. Learn more about the game here.